The Vampire Werewolf: Part 4

Dawn's head slid with a thump onto the bar, and she drifted quickly into a restless sleep. Tonight was a night for nightmares.


I remember, that first night. Crawling, ever crawling, trying to find solitude. I was trying to escape this fresh, unyielding tearing inside me. The whole fabric of my being was unheard of, and I was to be God's experiment. If there even was a God.

There was plenty of moonlight around. Indeed, it was almost too bright, it was like a dark sun, cold yet unforgiving. A penetrating, non-existant heat. The light of the moon revealed all. I tried to cry my complaint, to see if any help was nearby, but the sound that was uttered from my lips was not a familiar one. Yet, somehow, even though I had never made a noise like that before, the feeling of it sat comfortably in my throat, and eased my worrying a bit. It was a warm noise. So unlike the frigid sounds I used to make. Will I ever be normal again?, I had wondered.

The dream broke off and changed it's course, speeding into memories that came later than the previous.

There was a youngish face peering into mine. It wore a black hood trimmed with white, and the look upon it was very inquisitive, yet pure and untainted. Oh, how I longed to bite that face. I struggled against the bonds that had been placed upon me, itching to throw myself at that face and rip it apart. How dare someone look at me as if I was some painting or words on a page?! Then it spoke.

"Sister, we may need more rope. The poor thing is going to break these ties soon." She said to someone I could not see.

"I will get some, Abbess." Replied the unseen voice.

I growled and snarled all I could, but the lady was not afraid. In fact, she tried to touch my face, as though she pitied me.

I will kill you if you come any closer, you filthy human woman!  I barked, spit flying from my mouth, but she did not understand what I was saying. Her fingers cupped my cheek in a friendly gesture, and though her touch tingled and sent little sparks of pain through my nerves, it calmed me somehow. I breathed heavily, but stayed quiet, and tugged at the bonds less.

"Here, Abbess. I brought some rope." The other person had returned. The lady turned and spoke to it, and they both left me. Though I did not intend to, I whined a little. After some time alone, I began to feel weary from my night of adventure and pain, so I slept.

The dream span again, throwing strangled scenes around her head. Dawn moaned as familiar pictures snapped through her minds eye, frightening her a little. She remembered the nights of the convent, countless exorcisms, battered faces as she trained to control the hunger. All the worst moments of her so-called childhood.

Hours later, she awoke, back in reality. A cold sweat ran across every inch of her skin, and she was lying, face down, on the floor of the empty pub.

"Oh christ." She murmered, lips crushed to the ground. She pushed herself up and dusted herself down. Dawn was used to such dreams now, but the disturbing content was what got her. Mentallu, she was unharmed, but her human body reacted differently to fear. It was unsettling. Dawn rubbed her forehead with her palm to ease the headache. In fact, her whole body ached from sleeping in such a position, but she didn't mind - at least she wasn't hungry anymore.

The End

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