The Vampire Werewolf

My body lay, limp and unwilling on the icy metal. I would have slept, but adrenaline and fear kept me awake, my heart jumping constantly.

I watched the bodies around me, as thought they could get up at any moment. The faces were frozen, their eyes rolling, crimson draining from the necks. I was a savage. Anyone who had dared to enter the room I had attacked and bitten. I never went hungry.

Barks came from outside. I suddenly became on edge. My breathing grew to an impossible pace. My face pressed to the floor in desperation. I wanted to flee, or scream. But either way I knew they would catch me. So I waited. Alone with the bodies in the dark.

I listened carefully, tracking my enemy across the dark halls of my abandoned home. The menacing clink of their claws echoed back to me through the concrete. I pushed myself up against the wall, my limbs still curled beneath me, my hair spread wildly over my face and the floor. They were coming closer.

I knew that they could naturally pick up my scent, but the blooded walkways would have been enough indication that a vampire was here. The pack began to pant,eager to find me, eager to kill me. They were hungry, just as I had been. But I knew deep down that this time, I was too weak to fight. After all, I was young, I wasn't fully fledged, and a Werewolf was a terrible foe even for the most experienced. Their stench was fouling the air, and it was almost becoming difficult to breathe.

A dark mass turned the corner and round the door. It's chest heaved violently, shifting with every unsteady breath. He inched forward, placing his paws carefully on the iron floor and crouching low on his belly. There shouldn't be many of them, I concluded, because the dog-scent I had been following was now stretched thin. I returned my attention to the wolf before me. He was still watching my movements, and adapting to fit them. Shifting as I did.

But I made a simple mistake. I looked deeper into his eyes that I should have. He locked me in the grip of his wild mind and held me in place, frozen. Drool poured slowly from his jaws into little puddles on the floor. A deep-throated growl echoed through the room, making it seem as if there were a million wolves. But there was only one. And I knew what was going to happen next.

The End

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