The Vampire princeMature

Aiden the bounty hunter meets the Vampire prince

I was perfectly calm as I drove on the twisted back roads that led me further into the swampy woods of New Orleans. I was still calm when I pulled up to the old mansion, cloaked in darkness and surround by miles of swamp. My resolves slipped a little when the thought occurred to me that if I screamed or tried to run away I would not make it out alive. I entered the house anyways. I stood in a long hallway, a staircase to my right that led up into more darkness. My instincts told me to run but I stayed still and waited. Unfortunately I didn't have to wait long. I heard the whisper of cloth against skin and she was standing beside me.

"Hilary," My pulse quickened at the sight of her. She leaned her head to the side and listened to my heart accelerate. She looked up at me and her full pink lips were pulled back in a seductive smile. She was gorgeous. Her flowing blonde hair was a waterfall over her slender shoulders. Hilary was tall and had curves in all the right places. She was breathtaking and terrifying. Her almond shaped eyes were rimmed in dark think lashes. But the color was wrong. Ruby red and glistening.

"Why don't you like me anymore, Aiden?" she asked in pouty voice. She jutted her lower lip out and curled her body around mine. I tensed but immediately relaxed when another figure walked out of the darkness. Hilary immediately stepped away from me and bowed. He didn't even look her way. His hypnotic blue eyes were on me, assessing. "You're the bounty hunter?" his voice sounded disappointed. I smiled and bowed at the waist, overdoing it. "Aiden Greenhorn at your service." The vampire prince was not impressed with what he saw. 

The End

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