ch. 3 camerasMature

The next thing I knew, I was in a dark room and I couldn't see anything.  I heard strange noises coming from the floor around me, but as I sniffed the air to see what it was, I realized that it was just a few mice.  I went to reach into my coat to get the bottle of blood I'd made for Alice and found that my clothes were no longer there.  In their place was a skin tight, elasticy suit.  I couldn't tell what colour it was because as I said, it was too dark.  The sound of a large metal door creaking open echoed throughout the room, and a bright light came from the spot the sound came from.

A white man stepped in the room and examined me from a distance with a flashlight.  He did not look particularly friendly, nor did his facial expression tell me otherwise.  A seccond man entered.  He looked more kind and almost as though he did not agree with them capturing me.

"Why have they done this to me?" I whispered to him.  He gave me a sad look.

"Because they are cruel,"  he said, his words heavy with a Jamaican accent. And he walked away with a sorrowful expression in the way he moved.  I asked my question again to the white man.

"Money," he said. 

I gave him an odd look. 

"I could kill you," I said.  "You're very ignorant to come into this room with me not even being so much as chained to the wall.  Of course . . . that would never be strong enough to hold me back . . . If I really wanted it."

He smiled.  "Try."  The Jamaican man was fiercely nodding his head "no," but my mind was made up.  I pounced for him.  The moment I crossed an invisible line, my body was filled with an enormous electrical shock.  I screamed and jumped back.  The white man laughed and despite what had happened before, I pounced at him again and again and again.  I didn't care about the pain.  I was going to kill him.  I was going to kill him slowly . . . painfully . . . give him just under the amount of venom needed to kill him . . . then I'd take off this wreched suit (that was the thing that electricuted me) and put it on him so he could fell the pain.  He'd scream louder than I had.  But when the venom filled his whole body . . . just as it reached his heart . . . he'd know what true pain felt like.  And I'd laugh. 

When no one was there, I'd lie in the far area of the room, thousands of electric volts pulsing through my body.  It did hurt, but I was gradually getting used to the pain. After a while, it didn't hurt at all . . .  

The End

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