ch. 2: hunting lionsMature

I ran swiftly and gracefully.  It seened I was always running.  I wasn't sure why . . .

This time I was running for my next meal.  Since we lived outside of the city of Scranton (rather than in the city), the humans are scarce, and we like to travel.  I'd swam to Africa for the weekend to hunt lions.  Personally, tigers are my favorite (next to humans), but the best-tasting tigers are in India and I couldn't take extra day to travel there and the extra day back because Scorpius would need to be with Alice 24/7 and he could only go so long without food. 

I'd spotted a large female and that was what I'd begun to chase after.  I'd caught a male earlier that day.  I had to smell it before I killed it so as to make sure it wasn't the domiant male.  I didn't want to mess up the lions' local pride system.  He was enough of a meal to last the whole weekend, but I'd wanted to catch another not for myself, but for Alice.  In her condition she would not be able to hunt for herself so I'd decided to bring backa bottle of lion's blood.  They say lion's blood is the best sort of blood for ill vampires, so I was hoping that was true.  That was part of the reason I'd traveled to Africa. 

I was slowly catching up to her now.  If only she'd trip . . .

The problem with hunting lions using speed is that they are long-distance hunters and are built to outrun their prey.  So a lion could potentially run forever with me inching closer every few minnutes.  But ultimately, it could take me hours to hunt down just one lion. 

I decided that I needed a new tactic if I ever wanted to catch this lion.  I continued running as I thought.  The lion quickly turned her head back to see if I was still chasing her.  Then it hit me.  I climbed up into the trees to put my plan into action.  Fortunatley for me, we just happened to be in a part of Africa that had a lot of trees.  It was quite like a rainforest, only dry.  I continued chasing her from up in the trees, where I could see her but she couldn't see me. 

She turned her head to see if I was still chasing her.  She didn't see me so she soon slowed to a stop and laid under a tree to rest.  I'd gotten lucky and she'd laid down under the tree I was in.  "Easy catch," I whispered to myself.

I quietly crawled to the edge of the tree, while staying just out of sight.  I waited silently for just the right moment to pounce.  Just as she closed her eyes for a catnap I leaped down onto her and delivered a killing blow before she even realized I was there.  Her death was quick and painless.  That was how I liked killing things.  Although, occasionally I would kill humans and give them just under the amount of venom it would take to kill them and watch them scream for a little while longer, but only somethimes.

I looked up from my kill and saw . . . an entire crew of cameramen and several men armed with dartguns.  I realized now that they'd been filming me.  I was caught red-handed.  Before I could do anything, I was shot at from all directions and a few darts managed to hit me and puncture my pale skin.  My eyes crossed as I swayed from side to side.  My vision blurred . . . and I blacked out.

The End

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