Jeremy's Behavior/Mysterious Stranger - School - Episode OneMature

'Don't take more than two in a six hour window,' Jeremy handed two small pills to Vicki Donovan, a thrill running through him at this simple action. It was what had brought them together, a drug haze. Jeremy liked to think it was more than that but Vicki was hard work. She looked around with a mischievous glance before swallowing the pills whole. 

'Hey Vicki,' The person that Jeremy despised the most rounded the corner, and Vicki greeted him by snaking her arms around his chest. 'I knew I'd find you here with the crackheads.' 

Tyler turned to Jeremy. 'Hey Pete Wentz called, he wants his nail polish back.' 

'Pete Wentz huh? How old school TRL of you. Carson Daley fan?' Jeremy shot back. He was used to Tyler's hate and gave just as good as he got. Tyler moved forward, eyes flaming with anger. Vicki stopped him.

'Hey Ty, be nice. That's Elena's little brother.'

'I know who he is, I could still kick his ass.' Tyler was the sort of guy who was all talk and no action. He didn't fail to voice his dislike for the youngest Gilbert but never actually did anything about it. A surge of jealousy tore through Jeremy at that precise moment as Tyler pressed his lips against Vicki's, purposely tormenting him. He knew Jeremy had crushed on Vicki and was reveling in the fact that she was his. 

* * * *

On the way to first period, Bonnie stopped both her and Elena in their path as they passed the receptionist's office. 

'Hold up, who's this?'

Elena could see only a guy stood at the desk, the back of a leather coat and immaculate light brown hair. 

'All I see is back.'

'It's a hot back...' Bonnie's dignity was never present when it came to guys, but it was one of the things that made her so sweet. Elena wasn't particularly interested, she was just humoring her friend.

* * * *

Stefan stood facing the woman who was now rifting through some papers. 

'Your records are incomplete. You're missing immunization records and we do insist on transcripts.' The woman finally looked up; the moment that Stefan had truly been waiting for. He knew exactly what he had to do. 

He took off his dark sunglasses and looked the woman right in the eyes before speaking clearly and smoothly. 'Please look again. I'm sure everything you need is right there.'

The woman gazed up at him in a dreamlike manner and he knew what was happening right now. Her mind would shift slightly, she'd see things that weren't really there and everything would go by easily for them both. As if some magical slip of paper had appeared in her hands, she smiled and looked back up at him.

'Well you're right, so it is.' Her voice was a little languid, but there was no drastic change. Stefan never liked to compel humans; it went against everything he had fought for but he would have to make a few exceptions if he wanted any chance at fitting in.

* * * *

'I'm sensing Seattle,' Bonnie spoke. 'And he plays the guitar.' 

Elena scoffed. 'You're really gonna run this whole psychic thing into the ground, huh?'

'Pretty much,' Bonnie nodded.

'Jeremy, good batch man,' a guy spoke, grabbing Elena's attention. She watched her brother cross straight into the men's bathroom, his hands in his pocket and she sighed impatiently. 

'I'll be right back.' 

She barely heard Bonnie, who wasn't listening to her anyway, instead focusing purely on the guy in leather. 'Please be hot...'

Elena stormed through the door's of the men's room, nearly walking straight into someone coming out of the toilets. 'Whoa! Pants down, chick!' 

She ignored him and grabbed Jeremy by the chin, surprising him. She looked straight into his eyes, looking for telltale signs.

'Great! First day of school and you're stoned.' 

'No I'm not.'

'Where is it? Is it on you?' She began to reach for his pockets and he pulled away.

'Stop alright, you need to chill yourself alright?' 

'Chill myself?' Elena repeated incredulously. 'What is that stoner talk? Dude you are so cool...'

'Look stop! I don't have anything on me, are you crazy?'

'You haven't seen crazy Jeremy!' Elena was getting angrier by the second, appalled at her brother's behavior. 'I gave you a summer pass but I am done watching you destroy yourself.'

Jeremy started to walk off but Elena pushed him back. 'No, no. You know what? Go ahead. But just know that I am going to be there every time to ruin your buzz, you got it?'

The toilet flushed and some guy walked past, staring at them both. Elena sighed.

'Jeremy, I know who you are. It's not this person. So don't be this person.'

'I don't need this,' Jeremy retorted, his voice breaking slightly. He walked straight past his sister and this time she let him go. What on Earth was she going to do with him? She didn't want him to waste his life away like this but she felt utterly helpless. There was nothing that she could do to prevent it.

Aware that she was going to be late, Elena headed out of the bathroom.

And collided straight with the guy in leather.

The End

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