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I thought (me being the unhealthily obsessed fan that I am) that the books and the TV programme are far too dissimilar and I suddenly had the thought that 'hey, why don't I put the TV programme into novel form?' This is just for a bit of fun and is not to be taken seriously. It's kind of to try and improve my writing skills as well.

In the Northeast Woods, twenty four miles away from the small seemingly nondescript Mystic Falls, a car driven by a young adult, drove along the long stretch of road that headed straight through Virginia. 

'An hour's drive just to hear that crap,' Darren Malloy joked with his girlfriend, referring to the concert they had both just been to. 'You know it wasn't even a band, it was a guy with a guitar.  An hour each way.'

Brooke laughed at her boyfriend's distaste for her music. They had been together eight months exactly though and it had gotten to that point in their relationship when he would drive two hours just to please her. She was sure he'd do a lot more than that though. They were madly in love.

'He wasn't that bad,' she disagreed. 

'He sounded like James Blunt.'

'What's wrong with that?' 

'We already have a James Blunt. One's all we need.'

She giggled again. 'So why'd you come?'

'Because I love you,' he said, half turning to face her. 

'Nicely done,' she smiled, returning his gaze. Upon turning back to the road, she noticed a thick wall of fog. It looked unnatural, eerie and daunting. A fine chill ran along her spine at the sight. For reasons she couldn't explain, she didn't want to drive through the mist.

But she was being ridiculous. Paranoid. 

Still, she voiced her unease: 'What's with all the fog?' 

'It'll clear in a sec,' Darren replied, completely calm. 

Then it seemed to come from absolutely nowhere. One minute they were blinded by the grey, hazy fog, and the next there was a figure stood right in the middle of the road. The car seemed to go in slow motion then, Brooke's heart missed about three beats and she let out a strangled cry.


Darren braked, hard, but the windscreen shattered and something heavy toppled over the roof of the car. A sickening crack, the car swerved across the road spinning a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Everything passed in the blink of an eye. Neither Darren nor Brooke had time to even scream before they skidded to a stop. Brooke was shaking in her seat, panting hysterically. 

'Are you okay?' Darren was the first to speak, making sure his girlfriend was alright before anything.

'We just hit someone! Oh my god...' Brooke was crying now, a thousand terrible thoughts running through her mind. Death. Murder. Jail. They had killed someone! She couldn't quite grasp what had happened, her thoughts were as erratic as the manic breaths she was taking. 

'Call for help!' Darren ordered, undoing his seat belt immediately and jumping out the car.  

His muscles refused to work at first but Darren pushed himself onward, all the while praying that the man was okay. The sight before him nearly caused him to topple over, to throw up. A bundle of darkness lie on the concrete, completely motionless. A man in black, unmoving. 

'Come on, come on,' Brooke whispered under her breath back in the car, her phone pressed right against her ear. The same monotonous beep greeted her back. There was no signal.

Darren's pace slowed down and he nearly buckled over, but he knew he had to check to see if the victim was okay. He looked uninjured, but for all he knew the man had some serious internal damage. Oh God, he thought. I'm a murderer, I have just taken a human life. 

'Please be alive,' he begged, coming closer to the man. 'Please be alive.'

He dropped down to his knees, grasped the man's hand in his own trying to feel for a pulse in the wrist. The man had an unusual ring on, a large blue stone set in a gold band. Darren only briefly registered this as his fingers moved along the delicate skin of the inside of the wrist. He couldn't feel anything though. His stomach dropped, his heart stopped.

The man had no pulse. He was dead.

'Oh my God...' He dropped the hand. What was he going to do?

Then it happened. It happened in a heartbeat. So fast Darren didn't even know what was going on. Pain. Sharp ripping sensation at his throat. Then all was dark for him. The last thought that ran through his mind was one single word: Brooke.

She was back in the car, sobbing now. The phone had been beeping for what seemed like an eternity. It wasn't working but she needed help! She opened the car door, and stepped out into the cold clutching her phone as if it might suddenly spring back into use.

'There's no signal!' She shouted into the night air, hoping Darren would know what to do. 'Darren?' She couldn't see him. Had he taken the victim off to get help? Had another car driven by?

'Darren?' She took a shaky step back. 

A loud crash coming from behind caused her to whirl round in surprise, back to the car. She couldn't believe it at first. Her brain wasn't thinking fast, it didn't quite catch up in time. But when it did, she let out the most gut-wrenching scream, it seemed to explode from somewhere deep within her. 

Her boyfriend... Darren... he was lying there on the bonnet of the car.

His throat, covered in blood. Ripped open. Ripped to pieces. Mauled.

She knew then she had to run. 

Adrenaline and pure unadulterated fear was the only thing that allowed her legs to work. She refused to believe what she had just seen, just solely focusing on one thought: that she had to get the hell out of there or it would happen to her too.

She ran. So fast. She didn't even know she possessed this speed. The fear had taken over completely now and the body of her boyfriend was the only thing she saw. His bloody throat. His lifeless body.

Oh God. Oh Darren. Running, RUN BROOKE.

Something lifted her from the ground with inhuman strength and she had time to make one final scream before her world was cut from her forever.

The End

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