Philippe stayed inside his room for another ten minutes, making sure that Edwin had completely left and wasn’t hiding anywhere to just follow him. Peeking through the open door Philippe examined the hallway for Edwin, but that search was completely over as his eyes gazed upon the beauty of the mansion. The hallway was an open one; he could see the other side of the mansion and look down towards the floor below. But no matter how magnificent the mansion actually was it was hidden by a shroud of darkness; thick curtains covered the huge windows and looking up Philippe could see huge planks of wood cover what would seem like a dome of glass. Only a few streaks of light here and there seeped from windows, candles instead lit the mansion and Philippe looked warily at the shadows as he moved from the room and walked along the hallway. Two doors stood at the end of it, but as he tried to open each of them he found that they were both locked, so Philippe moved to the next few doors along the second hallway and again they were locked. He wasn’t surprised to find locked doors but as he tried to open every door in on the second story he found each and every one of them locked.

Walking downstairs Philippe realised the sheer size of the mansion, looking up it seemed as if the ceiling reached the sky and huge Athenian columns held up the floor above him. But like the second floor the windows were covered by thick curtains and candles instead lit the way around. Walking to the side of the room he tried the doors, but all of them, every single one, were locked. It seemed to Philippe that ‘exploring’ just meant ‘you can walk where I tell you to walk.’ Walking around the room he tried every door he came by until he found a large double door at the centre of the northern wall, it was unlocked. With a shaking hand from excitement Philippe peered through the room; it was the dining room and Philippe’s heart sunk to the bottom of his stomach.

Philippe slammed the door shut as he stalked back to his room on the second floor, Edwin had told him to explore, but the only room that was unlocked was the dining room that he would have dinner with Edwin in a few hours anyway. He threw himself on the bed, angry and tired that he couldn’t at least see what was outside.

He eyed the thick blue curtains for a moment before he walked to them and pulled them across. Light and warmth poured into the room like a wave, shielding his eyes for a moment Philippe looked outside.

Behind the glass an expanse of the blue sea met him. Philippe staggered back in surprise, he had never seen the sea before in all his life he had lived in London and he never once thought about visiting a beach. He was silent for a moment, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against rock and wondering where he could be. But he gave up on that idea pretty quickly, there were too many places alongside the coast to pinpoint exactly where he was, but he managed to deduce that he mustn’t be more than two days away from London. So he couldn’t be anywhere far.

Knowing that the door to outside would be locked Philippe laid back down on the bed tired, angry and a little depressed about his situation. Just two days ago Sybil Kerrigan had broken it off with him and on that same night he was kidnapped by Edwin Moers who locked all the doors and told him he could ‘explore’ the mansion.

Edwin Moers, Philippe was sure he had heard that name before; he remembered reading it in a newspaper or a book. He knew the memory of it was there all he had to do was touch it and he could remember every detail about the circumstance of how he had come to hear of the Moers family. But it eluded him as if every time he came to be near it the memory would instantly jump two paces back as if it were teasing him. All he knew was that it had be something bad happening, he could feel it, he could remember the feeling he got when he read it on the newspaper; something bad had happened to them. But he could not remember them and so instead Philippe stared at the ceiling, annoyed and at both him and Edwin.

A knock came from the door and Philippe sat up on the bed as a woman dressed in nothing but grey entered the room. She was pretty with light brown hair and dark eyes, but she averted her gaze as she walked to the table and grabbed the platter. But before Philippe could call out to her the girl was already out of the door.  Jumping off the bed Philippe followed her, there had to be unlocked doors somewhere and this servant girl could bring him to them. But as he reached the hallway he found nothing but darkness and shadow, not a sign of the girl was left as if she had disappeared in thin air.

Philippe cursed Edwin, the mansion and the serving girl; he cursed them all for their secrets. 

The End

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