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Fear took hold of Philippe as the door slowly opened and stepping inside the room was a man – the man that disappeared in thin air; he figured – for he was the same height and had the thin build of someone who hadn’t worked a day in his life.

The man had an ageless quality about him, Philippe realised, the man hadn’t any wrinkles on his face but there was maturity and a tired sort of look in his eyes that only the very old seemed to obtain. The man was quite good looking with brown hair that was cut short and green eyes that gazed rather than looked. But the one thing that Philippe saw most striking was the paleness of the man’s skin; it was as if the man had never been in direct sunlight before.

The man smiled at Philippe before he made his way to the seat that Philippe himself had only been sitting on just minutes before. The man walked with an air of self-importance as if he was the King of England and for some reason, much to Philippe’s annoyance, he found himself bowing slightly to the man.

“I’ve never had a human bow to me before.” The man laughed, Philippe on the other hand just frowned at the man’s choice of the word ‘human.’ Who did he think he was?

“Excuse me,” Philippe started, “but, who are you?” His voice was quieter and more cowardly than he would have liked but the man nonetheless smiled at Philippe.

“Ah, of course, where are my manners?” the man asked as he threw his hands in the air in mock anger, but just as quickly he brought them down and crossed one of his legs with the other. “I am Edwin Moers and this, my friend, is my lovely abode.” The man, now known as Edwin, introduced with a flourish of his hand.

Edwin Moers… Philippe had heard that name before…. or at least the surname. He remembered reading something about the Moers family, but it was such a long time ago that he only remembered the name and not the circumstance. Philippe frowned at himself for that, his memory was quite good usually, but for some reason he couldn’t remember where he had heard that name from.

“Does your head still hurt?” Edwin asked, he sounded like he didn’t care, but then again everything that this man did was a little strange for Philippe. In reply Philippe only shook his head, no, and Edwin leaned back in the chair with a satisfied look on his face.

“Were you the one that hit my head last night? Why did you do that? Where did you go? Why did you bring me here?” Questions poured out of Philippe in a rush and he found himself getting angrier every time he asked. But Edwin just looked at him and smiled as if Philippe were talking about how lovely the weather was this morning.

However, it was only after Philippe stopped talking, for he had run out of questions that Edwin finally got up from his seat and walked to him, stopping so he were just a few paces away from Philippe.

“I did what I had to do, you were about to end your own life and that is a huge waste. As for the matter of my disappearance…. Well, I didn’t exactly go anywhere; you just never looked behind you. I brought you here because I have a matter of great importance, that concerns us both, but I think you have a larger part in this to play than I do. And… it wasn’t last night… You have been asleep for nearly two days now, I was beginning to get concerned when you weren’t waking up, but it looks like I didn’t hit you over the head that hard.”

Philippe stared at Edwin, confused and a little surprised by the man’s explanation. He was confused by what Edwin meant by ‘having a larger part than he did’ and he was surprised by how long he had slept for. Two days seemed to be an awfully long time to sleep, even for someone who had been knocked on the head two times; Philippe just didn’t believe that and he knew somehow that Edwin probably gave him something that forced him to sleep.

“What I am a part of?” Philippe could only think to ask this question, but hundreds more wanted to be answered and he felt a little foolish asking this particular one. He should have asked Edwin where he was or why Edwin had brought him to his house.

But Edwin did not answer, instead the man just stared at him, his green eyes searching through Philippe’s brown ones before Edwin made his way to the door.

“You are free to explore the house, but dinner starts at six o’clock sharp and I expect you to be there…. Then I will answer all of your questions.” And with that Edwin left the room, leaving Philippe alone to contemplate the significance of the conversation. 

The End

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