At ThamesMature

He walked slowly as he exited the mansion grounds and walked along the sidewalk towards the heart of London. Sadness took him as the echoes of his own footsteps resounded in his ears and yet anger boiled furiously inside of him. He loved Sybil, but the very thought of her wanted him to curse her name and forget that she ever existed. They were painful emotions to bear; they tugged at his heart and made him want to cry in fury and in love lost. Philippe felt lost more than anything; he had spent the better half of the year trying to find a job for Sybil, everything he did for three years was for that woman and in just a blink of an eye she no longer loved him and was no longer his. Philippe no longer knew what he was going to do after tonight, becoming a lawyer was for Sybil and now that she was gone he felt no desire in still being a lawyer nor did he find any desire to remain living now that Sybil no longer loved him.

Why should he remain unhappy in life when he could just end it now and forget that anything had happened?

Stumbling across the cobblestone and on to the bridge that led straight into the heart of London, Philippe looked down at the water below. The river Thames seemed to go by slowly, the fall was not enough to kill him and the river wasn’t fast enough to drown him but Philippe supposed that the river was always cold enough to give him ammonia. Settling his mind Philippe climbed on the stone barrier - if he wasn’t going to drown he was going to give himself ammonia -  and lifted his arms as if preparing himself to fly.

Philippe didn’t take notice of the carriage that rolled by slowly and then stop behind him, one could suggest that he didn’t even hear the horses’ hooves stamping on the road or that the carriage door opened and a man stepped out. Philippe seemed to not take any notice of this, either that or he sought to actively ignore anyone that came by his way, nonetheless Philippe closed his eyes, and allowed his body to rock back and forth on the stone barrier.

If Philippe had noticed the man standing behind him he would have known that the man was about to hit his head with the top of his cane, but Philippe didn’t notice him and the next thing he felt was blinding pain suddenly at the back of his head. He screamed in pain as he fell back, but his voice broke in silence as his back hit the ground with an audible thud. He grimaced as he opened his eyes, but the world seemed to spin around him and the only thing he could manage to see was a shadow looming over him. Philippe felt sick as he tried to lift himself off the ground, the world still spun and white lights seemed to dance in front of his eyes. His heart hammered inside his chest in panic as his legs wobbled underneath him as he managed to get up, the world spun but Philippe still managed to keep his balance upright. His eyes focused on the man in front of him a few paces back, he was tall and thin, but the lamps gave enough light for him to tell that the man was just slightly older than he was just two or three years his senior. The man spun the cane in his hand as he walked closer to Philippe, his footsteps making no noise, which was odd to say the least. Philippe stepped back as the man came closer, but he couldn’t run, his legs still wobbled underneath him and the pain in the back of his head were enough so Philippe could barely keep his eyes open.

“Who are you?” Philippe managed to shout at the man, who abruptly stopped in his tracks; even his cane had stopped spinning and had found footing on the ground. But the man did not answer, instead Philippe could feel the weight of the man’s stare pushing down on him, but Philippe didn’t take his eyes off the man.

A cat meowed loudly on the other side of the bridge, Philippe could see it slink between the shadows of the lamp before it hid underneath the carriage. Looking back Philippe stepped back in surprise, the man was gone, and neither a trace of him nor a shadow of him was left. Frowning in disbelief he rubbed his fingers at his eyes furiously before looking up to yet again nothing, the man’s carriage was still there which meant that he probably had gone very far. But where did he go?

Narrowing his eyes at the carriage Philippe walked towards it, for some reason his hands trembled as he took hold of the handle and opened it quickly to reveal, nothing. Frowning, Philippe poked his head into the carriage unconvinced that the man couldn’t be in here, he had to be, it was the only logical explanation.

Pain stabbed at the back of his head again, his vision blurred making two of everything before darkness bled into his vision. Philippe Web fell out of consciousness, he had no idea that he fell into the carriage or that the man had pushed him easily into it. Philippe had no idea that the carriage started to move, carrying him away from London towards the southern coast and Philippe had no idea how strange the stranger actually was. Instead he slept undisturbed by the happenings of the world. 

The End

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