Morning play

Sparrow flitted along, with her friend Cassia. They wove through the trees of the wood, playing hide-and-seek amongst the lush vegetation. They danced with early morning sunbeams, shook dew from tree leaves and took turns diving into Honeysuckle and Buddleja for their morning nectar.

“Did you ever wonder,” asked Sparrow when they stopped for a rest by their favourite pool, “about the tales the elders tell?”

Cassia giggled and shook her head. “Not at all. They're called stories for a reason.”

“But haven't you ever thought, what if they're true?” Sparrow insisted. Cassia leapt up and did a somersault over the pool, scooping up water to drop on Sparrow's head.

“Why should I be bothered if they are?” Cassia said hovering over the pool. Sparrow rose up beside her, splashing Cassia. Cassia giggled and shook the water off.

“But they sound so exciting!” Sparrow said. “If the whole world outside is like that...” She sighed.

“You're being daft!” Cassia told her, and wizzed off higher into the tree tops.

“Well your hair is daft!” Sparrow called after her, a smile still on her face.

“Your dress is daft!” came Cassia's faux-mocking reply from above. Sparrow took off after her again.


Up in the green of the tree tops there was no sign of Cassia. Determined not to give up on their friendly argument Sparrow called out again.

“But what about adventure?” she said.

“What about them?” came Cassia's voice. Sparrow spun around looking for her.

“Don't you want some?” Sparrow said.

“Why should we go out there for them.” Cassia said and Sparrow turned to see her friend dart behind a branch. She darted after, but Cassia had vanished again. “We can have plenty of adventures right here.”

But...” Sparrow tried to find an answer. Just then a horn rang out. Cassia flew out from behind the trunk of the tree, a startled look on her face.

That's the assembly horn,” she said surprised. Sparrow nodded.

I guess we should get back,” she said. “I wonder what's up?” Cassia shrugged and the two Fairies darted off towards their main village.

The End

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