The Valley of the Faeries.

Sparrow was born inside the valley which the faeries had made their own. But she is curious, she cannot help wondering, what is life like outside the valley? Are these giant creatures she has heard about in stories, the humans, really real?
She will soon find out...

A cold breeze blew through the Valley of the Faeries. Whether they were hovering, floating, flying or merely walking, faeries were everywhere, in almost every tree and bush, gaggles of faeries resided, normally 20 or a little more in each tree. The faery's valley was large and consisted of many small communities of faeries. Faeries, unlike humans, did not build their homes from scratch, they just worked with what was already there. So if there were no trees, there were no faeries. Sometimes there were only one or two trees big enough to house faeries in in one place, so that became a small settlement. The biggest settlements, of course, were forests. They teemed with faery life and before they had found the valley, had been hard to conceal. But once they had found the valley, the valley which  had no entrances at all at ground level, (the one slim entrance had long ago become clogged  with giant, un-movable rocks.)  the valley where they were miles from humans and could live in peace without the constant fear of being found! They thanked the great gods above for this bountiful gift and had at once set about making it livable.  B

But that is not the point of this tale. This tale is about a young Faery named Sparrow, who was curious about the outside world...

The End

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