The Valkyrie and the Slug

Two women sit in a bar.

I notice them from the corner of my eye as they sit at a table, sipping at their coffees. They are entirely different, and yet they look alike. On one side of the table sits a woman who is unbelievably fat and ugly. Her fat hangs off the chair, her feet don't fit in her shoes, her XXXL clothes are tight on her. Her red hair is dry and looks like a ruined nest that hangs off her head onto her shoulders and back. She has short legs and horrid hands. Her eyes look dead. She wears strange, hideous clothes and huddles into her black coat as if she feels uncomfortable without it. It seems as if the only thing keeping her warm, awake, alive is the coffee she's drinking.

The woman on the other side of the table is tall and slender, with the hourglass figure women would kill for. Her long bronze hair is braided in two braids that reach her waist. Her small hands and long pianist's fingers stroke her cup absentmindedly in a way that would make men drop dead of excitement. Her stylish, elegant, classy clothes are perfect, absolutely perfect. One of her legs is slung over the other, both of her feet wear classical shaped black leather pumps and tap out a rhythm on the floor and in the air. She is a valkyrie, an angel, a goddess. What she was doing in the company of a creature as hideous as her companion, is a mystery to me.

I can't hear what they're talking about. I only hear their voices. The Slug sounds tired and spaced out, while the Valkyrie's voice is low, harmonious.

I tap my friend's shoulder and show her the women.

'What women? I only see one, the beautiful one,' she says.

'What about the Slug?' I ask.

She looks at me as if I'm crazy.

'There's only one woman, and she is in no way a slug,' she informs me.

I call a waiter and ask him about the women. He only sees the Valkyrie. The lesbian at the bar, on the other hand, sees the Slug. Confused, I sit back down near my friend and look back at the women.

At their table sits a schoolgirl. She finishes her coffee, pays, gets up and leaves. She only looks back once, to wink at me.

In that wink I see the Valkyrie swallow the Slug.

The End

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