Chapter 0 - (The Past)

It is the story about a man that soon was to be known as the Paladin of Kass, a position never attained before. Things seemed to be going perfectly well until something messed the balance that was in place for so long.

There were 3 evil deities and 3 layers in hell. There were 3 good deities and 3 steps in heaven. There have been 3 deities of good, 3 deities of evil, the Creator and the Neutral One. Though the creator was there before everything, it never had a physical form. He woke up the great ones from nothingness and allowed them to stay in existence.  He allowed them to create worlds, and gave them powers.

Moments later, the mortal plane was created. The gods, who at the time didn’t have any dislike toward each other, divided themselves, made the 3 nameless steps of heaven, and created the 3 layers of hell. Another moment later, the creator disappeared, and humanity started to walk on the mortal plane. The neutral one, who never made His own plane, mastered all the six arts of magic: air, fire, earth, water, light, and darkness, so unlike the other ones, who only knew a single element, he knew them all, yet he made no plane. As one of the first, he had the energy of entire worlds inside Him, and seeing how arid and harsh the mortal plane was, he changed the flux of Moria, the energy which fuels magic, so it would pass through the mortal plane. Later, he taught the mortal ones, the humans, how to use magic.

At the time, they swore to never use it for war, but a moment later, they broke their oath. Even before mortals broke the oath, the gods divided themselves. Some feared that they would be forgotten if magic was spread. The spread of magic had the opposite effect, and mortals started to worship the gods more as they wanted more power. The differences between the gods divided humanity and created wars. The gods helped their followers many times, and many times, they just observed.

    There have been 6 deities from upper and lower planes. They have been identified by the element they possess, and because of those elements, they are known through the planes. Lux, the Great Light, the one who lives in the highest step of heaven had power over the forces of light. Aether and Aqua who resided in the other steps of heaven were attributed to air and water. In the lowest plane of hell, Unheil, the Mischievity, ruled in its forever changing form with darkness. Funus and Cinis are the ones who ruled over earth and fire from their layers on hell.

    For a long time, everything went well, but one day, Moria, the flux energy that fed magic, made the three planes, hell, heaven and the mortal plane, collide. The planes fused and formed Zenital, the Land of All Gods. In the beginning, the gods were surprised for their magic had weakened considerably, though individually each of the 6 could destroy the plane by themselves, not even together they would be able to make more planes. In Zenital, all the gods fought for power, they made creatures never seen by humans, and they changed humans.

    After the changes in Moria, locations that came from the old mortal plane were depleted from Moria. For one moment, the neutral one stopped everything, everywhere. Nothing really seemed to have happened, and no one noticed anything. Everything changed as the flux of Moria became even everywhere. Men and beasts fought, they formed empires, and somewhere in that plane gods saw everything happening once again from privileged places. Gods were worshiped like never before. Temples outgrew the capital of empires and in a few case, they seized the power. Sometimes the gods were the ones behind those nations; sometimes they were only greedy people. Currently, all the gods are considered holy in their own gods lands. In the gods lands, no one can leave the lands without the gods themselves allowing them. All mortals acknowledge all the gods, and many worship a single one. All but the neutral one could walk the lands without being repressed. As most had forgotten how everything began, most just saw Him as an outlaw who knew how to use magic well, but some saw His true self. One day, something happened and the neutral one lost Himself in reflection, and though His body kept moving, he was no longer Himself. He had forgotten everything.

The End

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