The Uttered Name

A short little story that came from my little short finger tips.

A young boy sees a man, standing on the bridge. Intrigued, the boy sits and watches for a continued amount of time, finally, the boy is restless and decides to speak to the man who gazes at the sky.
Star gazer, why do you gaze? Up at the sky?
Is there something my eyes can't see?
I see many twinkling stars, the full bright moon, but what do you see?
The stargazer, though raggedly dressed, is cleanly shaved but rubs his chin at what the boy has said.
I see the lost  lives of many, young one, for each star up in that sky is a life living on somewhere else.
See how some make that line? that is a family, they chose to stay together.
Those stars are people who lived so virtuously and obediently that they moved on and continued to live.
The boy has a creative imagination and wants to farther his knowledge so he continues with the questions.
What, stargazer, happens to the others? Do they rot in fiery depths without another to hear them screamDo they cease to exist? these questions confuse me deeply. The stars, they are so bright, how can they be so bright when here we are all dull and shine less?
The man does not look at the boy this time; he simply sighs and speaks words that horrify the boy.
You will learn soon enough young one. For your time is near, and you, being so young, have done no wrong. You have lived your life, but it was not meant to be for long, young one. Your time is up.
The boy is now frightened, and turns to make his escape before the man can get hold of him. As he turns the man is suddenly in front of him. He now has a dark aura radiating from him like black shake. the boy realizes he has no escape. But he wants the name of his killer before his life fades and he proceeds the the stars.
What is your name stargazer? I want to know my killers name.
Many voices whispered that name. And they still do. They continue to utter those words to any who ask before they send them to the stars. Those words will always be uttered, for death is inevitable.

The End

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