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Paul found something almost instantly: a thin piece of plastic on Jones’s neck. The cops who arrested Jason Wyatt (the person who was framed) said it was a coincidence. They should know better. They were probably scared of the letter left by the killer. It read, “Don’t come looking for me.” So the police just arrested the person whose fingerprints were on the corpse. Paul had a very likely theory. the killer had used a piece of transparent double-sided tape on his hands, then somehow stuck it to someone else’s hand and then withdrew it with someone’s handprints stuck on the tape. The killer’s handprints would be on the other side. Paul would first create a list of suspects, get their fingerprints, and scan them until he found a match. The killer had just made his first mistake.

Paul would have to find cab drivers with grudge on Alice and Jones. No, just Alice. Jones was murdered because he knew too much.

Paul started his list.

Cab driver Clifton Smith. Alice’s dad, a cop, had arrested Smith’s sister for robbing a neighbor’s house. No match.

   Kent Brown, friends with Clifton, was arrested by Alice’s dad as well. No match.               Julian King: Alice’s mom, a doctor, had failed to save Julian’s mom from HIV. Also, Alice was the lawyer that sentenced his brother to 30 years of prison. Match!

Paul was so anxious he could hardly stay in his chair. He hacked the GPS signal on Julian’s phone. He was walking down 10th, about to cross Clark. That was two blocks away. He clutched the revolver he took from Jones’s corpse and sprinted to catch up with the Urban Strangler. (He had given him a “code name.”)

He turned into an alley. Wait, he should be standing right on top of him. Julian must have known that he had hacked his phone! It was all a trap!!!

The strangler jumped down from the fire escape and clenched his hands on Paul’s throat and squeezed. Paul dropped the revolver in surprise. He dropped to his knees. He began to feel light-headed. Paul tried to think clearly. He pulled out his phone and pressed “detonate.” The killer’s phone burst into sparks. The killer lay motionless on the ground.

Terrified by the idea that he killed a man, Paul rushed to check the killer’s pulse. The killer was just knocked out.

Paul had hacked a detonate button on the killer’s phone while checking the GPS signal. He stared at the body until the cops arrived.

Paul was promoted to top detective. He had also freed  Christopher and Jason. But he thought of only one thing: he had avenged Donald Jones.

The End

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