The Urban Strangler

Short Murder mystery. No dialogue just cuz.


The Urban Strangler

Alice Eastman, a district attorney, was walking in the general direction of her house, looking for a cab. She was eager to get out of the bronx, as she was every day after filing papers, getting new cases, and researching old ones. Finally, she thought as she hailed a cab at the corner of lexington and third. she was not seen for 3 weeks.

The entire D.A.s office was watching as the news reporter confirmed the death of Alice Eastman. “she was found strangled in an alley on the corner of lexington and fourth. The culprit, Christopher Davis, was arrested earlier today.”

Six months later, the chief walked into Det. Paul Adams office and placed an envelope on his desk. He walked out without a word. What this time, thought Paul as he stared at the envelope on his desk. An ice cream store shoplifted? Graffiti on a school bus? Paul had signed up for this job thinking he would get the cool cases, like murder mysteries and bank robberies. But this was different. Most of his cases were just a note, at best a plastic bag. but a classified envelope, never. He anxiously picked up the envelope and ripped it open. Inside were various newspaper clipping and a note, it read:

hello Det. Paul Adams,

recent private eyes I have hired said there was a very large chance that Christopher Davis was framed.


chief Donald Jones

Paul was dumbstruck. He gaped at the open letter in his hand. Paul recalled the court case, state v. Davis. Christopher had ple that he was innocent. Paul had never believed him until today. I mean, he had a good reason not to: his handprints were all over the corpse.But what was more important, freeing the framed or punishing the guilty? He would first catch the criminal, then he would convince the court that christopher was not the criminal.

The D.A.’s office was quiet and depressing. Paul never thought how the death of Alice could affect the D.A.’s office. After a bit of asking around, he figured out she was murdered after working hours. He checked the security cameras. He saw Alice getting into a cab. Christopher was a cab driver, so either the murderer covered up his tracks very well or Christopher was the actual murderer.

Paul felt he was not qualified for this job. He searched for two hours and came up empty-handed. He was examining the corpse when a lieutenant came up next to him. Donald Jones had been murdered.

The End

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