Eh, interjection, pronounced like the letter combo AY.

Used frequently (to the point of being a stereotype) in Canada, almost haphazardly. The word has only a few meanings, though it can be found at either end of a sentence and bear varying degrees of stress.

"Eh, what'cha up to?" Used much like the word "hey."
"Lousy weather, eh?" Used to signify a question.
"Ehhhhh!" Here, to word is drawn out, and again used to signify jubilance or glee. [see "hockey catch-phrases".]
"Eh?" Used much like "huh?," but not sounding quite as dumb. Author's Note: in the province of Quebec, this is pronounced much like the letter combo EUH (if that makes any sense at all).

To make matters easier, it is generally safe to assume that the word "eh" is being used within the same context as "hey."

Author's Second Note: Although very typical of Canada, the phrase "eh" is also found commonly in Australia, New Zealand, England and Great Britain, as well as her former colonies, such as parts of South Africa.

Author's Third Note: The word "eh" is present in the vocabularies of Hungarians and Norwegians, so exert caution when using this phrase in either country.

For further meanings, please explore such definitions as Huh?, What?, Hey, among other English interjections.


The End

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