1. noun - kip

Meaning a period of sleep, often brief. A nap.

a) Man, that was a lovely kip.

b) Right, nuff said. I'm knackered. Going to have a kip. See ya later.


2. noun - kip 

A place that is particularly untidy, filthy. Perhaps originating from the conflation of the two words 'complete' and 'tip' (the latter a wordalso  denoting a place that is particularly dirty; i.e. 'a rubbish tip').

"Hey, how's it going my - good God mate, this place is a right kip!"

"I'd inivite you back but my place is a total kip right now." - Often heard on the streets of Dublin at 3am on a Saturday night.


A word of common use in Ireland with regard to both meanings. (Now, I'm off to have a bit of a kip in my no good kip of a bedroom!)





The End

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