minger;  ming;  mingin(g)


1. noun - minger

to rhyme with a) singer or b) linger, depending on geographical location (the latter pronunciation is rare)

An unattractive or objectionable individual.  One who 'mings' (see definition ''to ming'' below.)

She's a complete minger, innit.

2. verb - to ming

2a. To smell unpleasant

My cat has just rolled in poo and she mings to high heaven.

2b. The ongoing condition of being a minger as above

She mings, innit.

3. adjective.  minging

3a. describes a minger

She's minging, innit. 

NB,  The final ''g'' is normally silent, as in mingin'

3b. describes someone who smells unpleasant

I had to stop my minging cat from rolling in poo again.


NB - the above words not to be confused with minge - this means something entirely different and unrelated.


The End

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