(Please note the presence of the apostrophe, as it is what differentiates this term from the oft seen, regular old, 'by')

By'   [bahy]

An idiom found in the Newfoundland culture.  It is neither a preposition, adjective, adverb, noun or any other word form frequently used in the english language; simply a useless word that often gets tacked on at the end of words, sentences or phrases for the main purpose of emphasis, by newfoundlanders.

It can most often be seen added on to the words 'yes' and 'no', as in: Yes, by' or No, by'.

It can mean several different things, depending on the context in which it is used.  The following illustrates:

Example: Someone makes a rather silly comment. 
Your reply: Yes, by'! 
English Translation: "I don't think so, weirdo."

Example: Someone asks you to do something.
Your reply: Yes, by'!
English Translation: "Don't be so impatient; I'll get to it soon."

Example: Someone makes a rather silly comment
Your reply: No, by'!
English Translation: "That's a very obvious statement; I already know that."

Example: Someone makes a statement that is incorrect.
Your reply: No, by'!
English Translation: "You are so obviously wrong."

These are just a few examples in an endless usage of the word by'.  Please note that the inflection and tone of voice used are vital to the determination of which meaning and context of the word is being used.

 In many other cases, the words 'yes' and 'no' are not involved at all.

"I must go in and get a wash, by'.  
"Calm down, by'."

In both of these examples, the word means....well,  it means absolutely nothing.

The End

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