Snapper Cookies

Snapper Cookies: A phrase that I am proud to call my own.

This phrase originates itself from my terminology and the weird ideas that are drawn to my head. (~Cuban mind~)

When using this phrase remember to always act surprised at the situation; this is never used in an upsetting event. Usually replaces phrases such as 'Holy sh*t' or 'That's whack yo' and etc.

*Note* Use with caution, since those who may be new to this phrase may give you a quizzical stare and laughter may then occur. Not for everyone out there.

An excellent example would be as follows:

Billy is walking home with his buddies and he is talking about a new car that he had been craving for his super chill parents to get him.

John (his friend): Yo man, what's that over there?

Billy, excited at what he sees,: Snapper Cookies! That's the car I wanted!

Alternative ways of saying this: Snap Cooks!; Snappers!; Snapper Cooks!

This phrase can be searched by it's other meanings: "Oh Sh*t" "No way!" "Holy Crap!" "Sweet!"


The End

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