The Urban Dictionary

Welcome to the Urban Dictionary.

The language of English has faced many trials of evolution over the centuries. It has survived many cultures, while branching out to newer ones and becoming the predominant tongue.

Investing in these new cultures and surviving in others has given this language the ability to branch out into new terms and phrases that were not a part of it before.

Some we are familiar with, and some are quite strange. This dictionary is to be the base tool for us to come together with our strange and various terms so that everyone might then understand what the hell the other is saying.

I implore you all to add your terms as you see fit. There is no need for the stuffed shirt way of descending or ascending alphabetical order. Write what your term is and describe the meaning behind it. Also write phrases attached to the term, and if possible, indicate the culture that the term came from; this is a dictionary after all.

Most importantly have fun, and thank you to Donmari for giving me this wonderful idea. Now move ahead. The Urban Dictionary and a world of new terms await...

The End

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