The Pulsing BloodMature

He slammed again into the side of the train, demanding the same response, who was I?
  At that moment I didn't know who I was, I was just an unlucky traveller. So I plucked my courage and said, "Rose, the last of our kind" I blurted it out thoughtlessly. If he wasn't a vampire, I was slaughtered, nothing but prey...but he put me back down.
  He stared into my eyes, a lovely shade of sapphire and aqua, and it felt like we were the only two people on the train. Which reminded me, we had to search for survivors.

  Most of the people were dead, luckily we found a small girl and her mother alive, and a few adults. There was even a senior citizen alive but she had a fractured hip, so that took some time. As we lifted her onto the strecher, we placed her on the gurney. As the gurney zoomed by, it cut my hand.
  A drop of thick Crimson blood ozzed out and trickled down my arm.


The corners of my iris' went bright red and my pupils, every detail of my eyes went red. I flashed my fangs and sprung up so high, that I was on the ceiling. 
  The other vampire was gone.
  I looked around for him, but my uncontrolled lust had not finished, I saw a guard, no one else by him and I lunged for him. The screaming then began. As I ripped him open and tore off chunks of him.. More blood was being inhaled by my thirst.
  As I still wondered the subway, I looked for my friend, but he was no where. Frantic, I looked a pedestrian walking by and lunged for him. His scent was like a buffet of blood, inviting me in for the consume.
  As he screamed his last scream and more blood being shed, I shadow hovered over me. The other vampire. He grabbed my shoulder and
We were back at my lair.
  I howled in hunger, I needed more blood, wanted more blood. He touched my face and then I was back to normal.
  "What did you do?"
  "I have the ability to steal vampire's abilities. We arrived here by teleportation, I stole it off another vamp-
  "You mean there's more!!!"
  "No he died, a long time ago..." He paused for a brief moment. "I have to touch their face, to be able to take their emotions, I stole ours and calmed you down"
   WHAT!! How come he could use my own ability against me and I couldn't do it to him, but then I blurted out, "That sick feeling, was that the teleport"
  "Yes, I-
  But he was interrupted by a CRACK
I realised we were not alone.

The End

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