The Uprising DeadMature

Rose is a lone vampire spending her entire life looking for others of her kind, so when she finds Derik, she encaptures the perfect sense of what love means, but she must pay a price...Derik wasn't bitten by a vampire, and the trouble is only beginning. The living dead is rising and Rose must stop them and protect Derik, she must choose life and death, but which is which?

Chapter 1
The Train Wreck

I never thought I would find one of my kind, the unctuous frenzy began, I sniffed their blood and the uncontrollable savage of flesh craving began.


My name is Rose, last name is unknown and I am a vampire. I was sitting on a small wooden bench next to my ordinary forest. My senses in my ears were pounding, I knew something was wrong. My supernatural powers of manipulating people's thoughts sprung through my head, as I sprung into the air and beared my fangs. I ran further than any cheetah could and went to the nearest shop I could find.
  My ears still thumping, felt like they were feeling an suitable bleeding, pounding and throbbing. Arghh I thought. I had to do something.
  I knew by instinct that something was wrong, so I ran, I could run further than anyone I knew (So by that, no one) and ran to the underground.

  The stiffening cries underneath left me petrified. The two trains had collided and crashed. I got further until a security guard held me back. I then entered his mind and changed his thoughts. The train lights were flicking on and off, I was petrified, I had to admit and then the slight cries of some woman, (I thought it was women) and saw a mysterious figure standing up. He turned round.
  Blood covered his chin and cheeks and by instinct, I knew he was me. Not literally me but he was one of me, he was a vampire. But he was a stero-type, he drank human blood. He smiled at the sight of me. He started walking towards me and I tried to enter his mind, but it didn't work. He beared his fangs and pinned me up to the wall. 
  "Who are you!" he demanded.
  "Rose" I said in reply. Slightly scared of my own species, I felt like a dope.
  He was nothing like I had ever seen berfore.

The End

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