The upper hand.

In love you have to fight to get the upper hand. But why is it that I've never considered this  before?

The half truths, the misunderstandings, the words left unspoken but heard the loudest.

Am I fighting to win or to watch you lose?

Feeling like a pawn waiting for your next move.

Determined to watch you lose, because I can't bear to be left disappointed again.

But you seem to know nothing of this insecurity.

So are you the one in the wrong and am I stupid enough to give my heart away for a song?

To you, it may feel as though I have left you but if a rock is washed away by the wave of a strong current, has it really left or has circumstance stole it?

If things were different, you wouldn't be there. I wouldn't be here. 

We would meet in the middle, walking the thin line between love an infatuation.

The End

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