The Unweathering Love of Christie

"She was one of those, who, having, once begun, would be always in love." Emma, Jane Austen.

    Christie wrapped the box in the most delicate of gold, yanking and pulling at the ribbon to give it that flawless finishing touch. With the utmost wariness, her fingers smoothed the creases out of the box, and tugged at the ribbon to make it presentable. Satisfied with her work; gently, she settled the box on the table, waiting for his return.

Six months. She spent six months on creating him a special gift to celebrate the first year as his soon-to-be-bride.

            The first time those golden irises of his captured hers in a swift moment, Christie knew that he was the one for her. And that had been for a very long time – she first met at the ripe age of sixteen – it was then when the peculiar yet wondrous feeling of love invaded her very being. Adam Yuen, the love of her life, was twenty-five of age, and was a pleasant sight to look at.

         Throughout, her entire relationship with Adam, she had been taunted and made fun of. The sixties weren’t exactly generous years on interracial couples, but as time passed by, she learned how to ignore society’s harsh whispers. For when she had love, she never gave up the one whom was rightfully hers.

The End

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