The Un-understandable Story

NLG and myself decided to do one of those writing thingamajigs in P.E theory where one of us writes a short paragraph and the first word of the other person's paragraph. We're not allowed to look at the other person's paragraph until the end, the typical extra bit of randomness bit. :) Hope it sounds like a load of nonsense! :D Shorter ones will be because we swap after every word. I suppose I'll wait until a few of those have developed until I post them. Oh and Italics is NLG, normal writing is

Jimmy was walking along the street when suddenly out of a hole in the wall of a house came a big scary air host. (I know, I too am thinking 'what the hell') On its badge it said 'Allan Preacher'.

"AHH" My sister squealed as I poured my bottle of Lucozade over her head. I then proceeded to stretching her elasticised knickers over her eyes. Being the Devil's son was great.

However Allan Preacher was gaining on the small defenceless child with an evil look on his face.

"Ahh! Let me go!" shouted the child at a high pitched voice.

"Never!" He screamed back in an even higher pitched voice. They rushed round a bend to be confronted by the police.

"Stop in the name of the law!" They shouted.

"Oh jingle bells, Santa smells, Ricky Dee laid an egg! Oh what fun it is to hide in a closet full of hockey sticks! *cough cough* Sorry Lee, I don't think I can carry on; my voice box is really hurting. We'll continue recording the Christmas number 1 tomorrow, okay?" I stepped out of the home-renovated recording studio into the frosty winter air. I slipped on a frozen puddle and landed flat out on my arse. 

"OW!" I yelled, what a mistake. I suppose that's the story of how I ended up in hospital with an icicle stuck in my eye.

The End

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