It was simple. Just a pair of young boys swimming by the docks. Nobody would think twice about it. They looked like they were having fun out on the lake.

 The boy on the right had sand-blonde hair and had a wide grin on his face. One of his front teeth were missing.

 The boy on the left had dark brown hair, almost black. He too was grinning, but with all his teeth in place. These boys were ten years old, and didn't have a worry in the world. They were happy.

 Jeffrey looked down at the picture in his hands. That picture had been taken eight years ago. Now at eighteen, Jeffrey had grown considerably, his hair had darkened a bit, and he had a full set of teeth. Other, more emotional changes had happened as well, unable to be identified in the picture.

 The dark-haired boy smiled up at him. Jeffrey didn't know how to feel. Conflicting emotions raged inside his mind. Jeffrey did his best to avoid these emotions, but it was sometimes impossible.

 The last time Jeffrey had looked at this particular photgraph was three years ago. He'd put it in a shoe box, and in the dead of night, buried it in the backyard. The photo had remained buried until Jeffrey unearthed it this afternoon. He had not been able to look away since.

 Sighing, Jeffrey toar his eyes away and reached for thumb tack. He took the photo and pinned it to the wall, directly across from his bed. It was the only thing that littered his barren walls. But not for long.

 Jeffrey reached into his bag and pulled out a hand drawn portrait. The picture was entirely black and white, except for the eyes, which were a bright yellow. Jeffrey hung the picture of Topaz beside the photo.

 Jeffrey laid down on his bed and stared at the two different pictures until he fell asleep.

The End

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