The thing spies do on t.v. when they follow someone by hiding behind trees and mailboxes? Not as easy as it looks. Of course, it'd probably be easier without high heels on, but that was beside the point.

 Carmen was on a mission. Sure, it wasn't a save the world type of mission like real spies have. It was more of  personal endeavour.

 She was following Topaz home from school. Carmen didn't trust Topaz. She knew something was up, and she was determined to find out what it was.

 So far, nothing. Topaz hadn't done anything remotely abnormal. It was getting increasingly frustrating. Carmen had already scraped her knees several times, and stepped in dog poo. That's right. Dog poo. She must have been really determined.

 Topaz crosssed the street at a usually busy intersection. Today, it was quiet. Without checking for cars, Carmen began to cross the street. Topaz was not twenty feet ahead, entirely unaware of what was happening. Carmen smiled to herself. Her powers of stealth must be good. Either that, or Topaz was the stupidest person in the world.

 She was in the exact center of the road when there was a noise. It sounded like a busted engine trying to go past the speed limit. Then, Carmen realized, that's exactly what it was.

A car was coming from her left. Carmen didn't have time to run. She didn't have time to do anything. All she could do before the car came hurtling into her was something she had never done before. She prayed. Then it hit her.

 No, not the car. A force crashed into her from the front, like a powerful gust of wind. It knocked her off her feet and sent her flying into the sidewalk. She landed with a thud as her whole body banged off the concrete slabs. It hurt like hell. For minute, she was completely paralyzed. The pain was horrendous. But at least there was one good thing about it. She wasn't dead, like she probably should have been.

 The car sped past, leaving a trail of carbon dioxide. The old junker didn't even stop to see if she was alright. Jerk.

 Carmen shook her head and slowly sat up. The pain was beginning to fade, and her vision cleared. The was nobody else at the intersection. It was devoid of human and vehicle alike. Her only company was two brown squirrels scurrying up a tree.

 Topaz had vanished. There was no way she could have disappeared that fast, but she had. Carmen cursed her luck. She had lost track of the person she was folowing. Then again, things could've been worse. She coud have been a pancake at the moment. So maybe she could take a break from exposing Topaz. Just for today.

 She got up and started limping back to her house. On the way home, she pondered about the glint of yellow light she saw just before she was nearly killed. Carmen shook  her head. She was not going to think about this today. Not today. Instead, she thought about the nice soft bed waiting at home for her, and how she would be sleeping like the dead till morning.


The End

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