Being mediocre was her specialty. She got average grades in school, had one best friend, never joined any clubs and tended to follow whatever her peers were doing. Nobody ever noticed sweet little Penelope unless they had reason too. She couldn't command the attention in a room, nor did she want to. Everything in her life was so normal, it was predictable. At least it was, until Kate moved away.

 Now Penelope's best and only friend had moved to England. Kate had been kind of a wild girl, the complete opposite of Penelope. She had jumped at the opportunity of moving to England, regardless of who she was leaving behind. But Penelope didn't take it personally. She knew her friend, and that her actions were not done to offend. They still talked as often as they could, though it was becoming less frequent. However, even though she still talked to Kate, Penelope severely lacked a friend in Bellmere Falls. She had befriended Kate before. As they say, opposites attract. So that might have been why she was prepping herself to talk to the new girl.

 The new girl with the striking yellow eyes easily captured attention. Honestly, who wouldn't if they looked like that? And she acted strangely, too. Penelope remembered the incident yesterday in science class. The new girl was the strangest person she had ever met. Penelope was determined to become friends.

 "Um, excuse me. Can I sit here?" Penelope asked. A pair of yellow eyes studied her. Penelope fought back the urge to hide. She was doing this to make friends, wasn't she? It's hard to make friends when you openly fear the person.

 "Sure," she said, then continued chewing on her lunch.

 Penelope sat down opposite the girl. Her eyes floated from the new girl's mouthwatering cheeseburger to her own boring salad. Ugh, maybe it was time to quit the diet. What should she care if she got overweight? It wasn't worth living without fatty foods.

 "Hey, my name's Penelope." She said. The girl stared. Penelope swallowed. This was getting awkward.

 "Topaz," the girl said. Then she turned her head away and blatantly ignored Penelope.

 They sat in silence for the entire lunch break. Penelope almost breathed a sigh of releif when the bell rang, but was careful not to with Topaz sitting so close. They both got up and packed their things.

 "Well," said Penelope," I guess I'll see you in science." She tried to act cheerful.

 "Whatever," said Topaz, then walked down the back hall, leaving Penelope all alone in the cafeteria. This was not going the way she had imagined.

The End

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