The three idiots were at it again. Don't they know when to quit? One would think that after what happened last year, they would know better then to play childish pranks on the new student. If Jeffrey wasn't mistakan, that incident had landed two of them in the hospital and one in community service. Of course, Jeffrey wasn't mistakan. He was the reason that had happened.

 The leader, Sam, was practically bouncing on the edge of his seat. His two friends were waiting outside the window, poorly disguised from view. If any one had bothered to glance out the windows, they would have noticed them without even trying. As fate would have it, today was disection. A fair amount of students were focused solely on not throwing up. The other's were staring intently at the board, trying their best to ignore the dead frogs on the the trays in front of them. Jeffrey couldn't be bothered with the day's lesson. It was almost as boring as writing Mr. Comby's notes, which were enough to make a person want to die of sheer boredom.

 Jeffrey knew what was coming. Sam's friends had 'secretly' captured a live frog. Sam would no doubt be the decoy while the other two replaced the dead frog with a real one. Their plan was so obvious. And pathetic.  Seriously? Disection prank? That is so played out. The bozos lacked imagination.

 Unfortunately for the new girl,  the only seat left had Sam on one side and the window on the other. Jeffrey genuinely felt sorry for the girl. Being new, she'd think Sam was a nice guy, and then when she discovered the frog, she would run around screaming. She might even transfer to another school to escape the 'psycotic killer frogs'.

 Everyone looked up as the door opened. A girl Jeffrey had never seen before walked through the door. She had brown hair and pale skin. She wore a T-shirt and jeans. There wasn't much interesting about her. Incredibly plain and ordinary.

 Or so he thought, but for the first time in a long time he was proved wrong as she pulled off her sunglasses. Instead of a normal colour, her eyes were a bright, vibrant yellow.

 Jeffrey wasn't impressed. So maybe she wasn't as ordinary as he had first assumed, but she was still just another one of them. The colour of her eyes didn't take away the fact that she was a typical teenage girl.

 "Miss Candor. I'm glad you could join us. We were about to start the class without you."

 "Sorry, Mr. Comby," she said, "I got lost. It won't happen again, I promise."

 Mr. Comby nodded. His reaction wasn't the same as the rest of the class. While the students gaped, he took her appearence in with ease. He must have already met her.

 "See to it then. You can sit beside Mr. Brass." He pointed to the empty seat beside Sam. Sam waved extaticly and pointed to the seat next to him. His friendly grin would have been nearly enough to fool the older students into a false sense of security. The girl didn't stand a chance against his charms.

 "Hi, my name is Sam. It's nice to meet you," he said to the girl as she sat down. He held out his hand, which she shook.

 "Hey, my name's Topaz. I'm new here, obviously. Would you mind if I copied your notes. I need to catch up."

 "Sure, I can get them to you after class." Jeffrey doubted Sam had actually written any notes. The girl, Topaz, would soon learn not to trust Sam. But by the end of class, he wouldn't care.

"Ok, everybody. Settle down," said Mr. Comby. His speech was moot, since the class was silent as the grave. "Today, as you know, we will be doing disection. Since I have a lot of work to do, the instructions have been left on your desks. Please read them carefully and fill out the lab sheets. You have an hour. You may begin... now."

 Mr Comby sat down behind his desk and breathed a sigh of relief. The only reason he had left instructions instead of explaining the lab was because, for a biology teacher, he was awfully squeamish.

 Topaz was scanning over her instructions. Jeffrey should have been doing the same thing, but he was more fascinated by the scene that was about to unfold. Sam kept sneaking glances out the window, making sure his friends were still in position.

 Sam gave Topaz a light tap on the shoulder. She looked up from her reading and glanced curiously at Sam.

 "Do you think you could help me? I don't understand what we're supposed to do."

 There was a flash of annoyance on Topaz's face, but it quickly disappeared. She smiled warmly at Sam. Jeffrey was struck with the oddist sensation. There was no mistaking that look, no matter how fleeting it had been. She was annoyed. Which meant she hadn't completely fallen into his trap. Interesting.

 "Sure," she said, then continued to explain the instructions to Sam. Meanwhile, crony #1 opened the window. Then, crony #2 removed the frog from the tray, and put the living, breathing, croaking frog in it's place.

 Jeffrey thought that he should warn Topaz. He wasn't one to care about other people, but she was new and didn't know what she was getting into. Being stupid and careless is different from not knowing at all.

 Just as Jeffrey was about to get out of his seat to approach the girl, Sam spoke up.

 "Thank you for explaining it to me. You were a big help," he said quickly, though she hadn't finished interepreting the instructions. She just shrugged her shoulders and turned back to her own lab.

 Too late.

 The frog locked eyes with Topaz for a moment. She seemed rooted to the spot, too shocked to move. The frog continued to croak.

 It was hard to read her expression. And by hard, he meant impossible.
Jeffrey could only imagine the screaming in her head willing an immovable body to do something.

 Jeffrey crept up and reached his hands out to the frog. Sam gave him a look of pure loathing, but could do nothing with Mr. Comby watching.

 Jeffrey's hands almost encompased the frog. He was so close. Suddenly, just before he could get his hands around it, the frog became aware of what he was doing. It jumped high into the air and landed softly... on top of Topaz's head.

 Jeffrey and the rest of the class tensed for the scream that was sure to come. But it never did.

 Instead of screaming, Topaz calmly reached up and quickly grabbed the frog. She held it tight enough so it couldn't get away, but also gently and kindly. She brought the frog down to eye level and studied it. The warty creature croaked, and she frowned.

 Slowly, as not to frighten the creature too much, she stood up and released it through the open window.

 Topaz turned around and stared hard at Sam. She didn't glare like she was angry or sad, or even embaressed. She just blankly stared.

 "You might want to take better care of your things," she told Sam as she grabbed her stuff and walked out the door.

 Sam blushed a deep crimson. He seemed like he couldn't believe his prank had gone so horribly wrong. Truth be told, Jeffrey couldn't believe it either.  Topaz had taken the prank calmly and without any fuss. Not a whine or complaint. No screaming or fear. She even picked it up and let it go back into the wild. Whatever the reason, Topaz had done the last thing he had expected. He was intrigued by Topaz's strange attitude. Finally, he had found someone a bit more like himself.

The End

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