The cafeteria was crowded like always. Students who were foolish enough to stop at their lockers before lunch were forced to wait at the back of the never-ending line. That was why David never took his textbooks to class. He can't stand cold meatloaf.

 "So David, how was the new girl? I heard she was a freak. Is that true?" asked Sam.

 David nodded. He had to wait till he swallowed his meatloaf before he could speak, "Complete freak. She's got these creepy yellow eyes. I felt my heart stop when I saw them. And, no, they weren't contacts. If they were, they were amazingly realistic."

 "Hmm. sounds like a freak," said Sam, "Do you know what her name is?"

 "Uh, yeah, Topaz something-or-other," said David between bites.

 "Topaz? What a weird name. Hey, I think the new girl's in my third period science." Sam adopted a thoughtful expression. It was almost as weird seeing him think as that girl was.

 "So?" asked their lazy friend, Carl. He never really could keep up with Sam's schemes. David liked to think of himself as the balance that kept the group together. Without him, Sam would be in handcuffs by now and Carl would sit in a corner and stare at the walls all day.

 "Hey Dave, you have a third period spare, right?"

 "Uh, yeah," said David, a little sarcasatically. Of course Sam knew that David had a spare. He'd skipped class enough to know that.

 "And Carl, you think you could cut spanish?" Sam asked.

 "Huh, yeah, sure, whatever" said Carl, then turned back to his PSP.

 "Good," Sam simply stated. He grinned suspiciously. David didn't trust that smile.

 "Why do you ask? What are you thinking?" asked David.

 Sam grinned even wider and leaned in. Carl reluctantly put his game away and leaned in too.

 "My science class is doing disection today," he whispered to his friends, " I think we should give the new girl a proper welcome."

The End

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