The Untold Story

Topaz is an interesting girl with a different way of thinking and strange yellow eyes. Her classmates know there's something not right about her. Only problem is, they can't find out what she's hiding, because the only records they can find are her school records. It's as if she ceased to exist outside of school. Who is this mysterious girl, and what is she doing in the small town of Bellmere Falls?

 Paradox. Oxymoron. Hypocrite. Words used only by the select few who understand their meaning, those without a life. These are my three favourite words. Does this mean I don't have a life? Probably.

 Quotes. I live my life by them. I always have a quote for everything. Funny quotes, sad quotes, inspirational quotes, intelligent quotes. Quotes from every corner of the earth. I can't get away from them.

 Logic and intuition. My friends say that I'm the most mature person they know. I have to disagree. I've done some rather stupid things in the past. Nothing terrible, just little things. I think there are certain times to use logic, like in real life, and certain times to use intuition, like in creating a masterpiece.

 Intrapersonal. Not interpersonal. I know my thoughts, my dreams, my fears. I am hard to inlfuence by my peers. Usually, they don't even try.

 Dreams. Dreams are the most important thing. They set the stepping stone to fate. They create strength, wisdom, understanding, passion, and above all, hope.

 Right and wrong. Two simple things so easily confused. We know in our hearts what is right, but external forces leave us confused and ashamed. I know what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes though, even though I know what is right and wrong, the world intervenes and the two become one.

 I don't believe in living just for the future. If we wait till tomorrow, it will just become another day we will have to wait. I'm tired of waiting for a day that will never come.

 I see the world as it is, but notice the beauty in even the most terrible of things.

 It's not easy being different. Or maybe it's too easy. I can't really tell. I wish I cared about things like make-up and boys like every other girl my age. Though in a way, I like being different. It doesn't make me weird. It makes me unique.

 The other's see time as a thing that stands in our way. I see it as the thing that keeps us grounded. Without time, nothing shifts in an order we can conprehend.

 "Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda knows best. He's right. If we just try, what is it worth? We have to do to change the world. I know that when I take a test or come upon an obstacle in my path, I do not try, I do.

 Would you believe I'm only fifteen?


 What the Hell? The teacher stared in awe at what was written on the page. When she'd asked her new student's previous school for some of her work, she sure hadn't been expecting this. One of the pages in the profile was a page the girl had to write about herself when she started ninth grade. The other assignments and essay followed the same manner of thinking

 The teacher looked up at the new girl sitting in the middle of the classroom. She had dark brown hair and a pale complexion. She was of average height, and was wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans. The girl looked plain. She wasn't really pretty or ugly, but something in between. With her arms crossed and eyes closed, she looked just like an ordinary teenage girl.

 Of course, she only seemed normal because her eyes were closed. Some of the students were staring at her uneasily. The teacher remembered her mouth popping open when she first caught sight of the girl.

 For the teacher knew that behind those closed eyelids were a pair of striking yellow eyes. The eyes were human, not catlike in any way. That was what was so weird about them. If her irises were brown, blue, or green, no one would notice anything off. The teacher had seen people wear fake yellow contacts before. But these weren't fake. They were so real it was creepy.

 "Topaz Candor. That is your name, correct?" the teacher asked.

 There were some mumurs from the students.

 "Yes, Miss Grace," replied Topaz. There was nothing strange about her voice. Now that her eyes were open, though, the voice couldn't take away from her oddity. Bright yellow eyes stared hard at Miss Grace. She was more than a little uncomfortable.

 "Well, then, welcome to BFH. Please make yourself comfortable." Miss Grace felt stupid. The girl had already gotten herself comfortable. Miss Grace's nervousness wasn't allowing her to think before speaking.

 Topaz smiled a sweet smile then closed her eyes again and returned to her former position, arms crossed.

 Topaz's classmates were pointing and whispering at her still form. Miss Grace got the oddist sensation that Topaz knew exactly what they were doing, even with her eyes closed.

 Finally, after an awkward moment, Miss Grace decide it was time to get to work.

 "All right, class," she said, standing up, "today we are going to talk about early North American explorers. "

 There was a collective groan from the class, which she ignored. Writing a note on the board and beginning the lesson, she focused all her attention on getting through the day's class and hoping that the students learned something.

 Topaz didn't once open her eyes all through class.


The End

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