The Unspoken Chp.2Mature

6 Months Earlier


“Harry!” Brendon bellowed outside of the brittle cabin. He was drunk, raging and wanting blood.  

Harry slurred, “Whas yuew whan?”

I stood in front of Brendon grabbing his arm, “Please let it go…” He abruptly pulled his arm away from me charging like an angry bull seeing only red. I know it was wasted effort to get Brendon to calm down, however I had to try.

Brendon stopped inches from Harry with a bottle of Smirnoff in his grasp, “You called me stupid!?” I didn’t like the look in his eyes, it was crazy, psychotic and I knew I had to embrace myself for whatever was going to happen next. 

Harry laughed lazily, his eyes slanted and he said, “You brought that nice piece of black ass here simply to ignore it?”

Maybe Harry isn’t as drunk as I thought if he noticed something like that…

I glanced at George and Miles, Brendon’s stepdad and half brother. They came over to where the small crowd slowly started to gather. This place is a ranch where parents bring their kids to teach them how to ride horses- not to see two grown drunk men argue and brawl.

Harry stepped in closer eliminating little room between them, he was ready to start whatever Brendon wanted to start and I didn’t like this at all. Harry was maybe in his late 50s pushing 60s and he had atleast 150 extra pounds of muscles than Brendon. Although, he is drunk and if Brendon wasn’t drunk himself I would bet Brendon could take him, maybe not fully beat the shit out of him but get a couple good shots.

Brendon is a lot smaller than Harry and this is where a lot of people assume that he’s just a push over. Brendon has studied all the popular martial arts with help from his father, who learned it from the guy who taught Bruce lee all his moves; the raw, hardcore teachings and nevertheless we are here and they are both drunk. Both have decent fighting skills and I wouldn’t bet my last dollar on either of them.

“Alright! That’s enough,” Nancy yelled pushing in between the tight space. She took a hold of Harry’s arm pulling him inside the cabin, “Dad let’s go now!”

            Harry laughed his drunken laughter, “I called you stupid mother fucking little prick!”

Brendon moved a foot forward ready to bounce and he was stopped by George who put a stern hand on his shoulder.

“Dad, Stop!” Nancy yelled dragging her father into the cabin, slamming the door shut and you could her yelling and cussing at her father through the open windows.

George said, “Maybe you’ve had one too many.” He went to reach for the bottle and Brendon took it to his head finishing it off.

Brendon handed his stepdad the empty bottle and said, “Maybe your right.”

He walked pass me to the group of young guys and girls. They had promised him earlier that he could buy herb from them.

George came up to me, “I think it’s best if you guys leave? We’re leaving right now anyways.”

“I think Brendon wants to stay a while,” I replied.

“You’re driving right?”

I held up my car keys, “Of course.”

George watched me approvingly. “Brendon,” he called out, “We’re leaving.”

Brendon and I walked his stepdad and brother to their car and before leaving George made sure to tell us to be careful. Understandable with the situation that almost happened and I have to say I’m a little disappointed; I was looking forward to the bonfire and roasting marsh mellows.

George also made a comment about negative energy residing on the land and Brendon’s stepdad wasn’t talking about evil ghosts when he referred to negative energy. To my understanding ever since a year ago when George was reborn into the Indian culture, that’s when he started to feel good and bad energy with the people and places around him.

Negative energy was definitely residing at this ranch, especially when Brendon said that the liquor Rye turned his stepdad into a devil when he used to drink it and Harry was drinking that same brand- that’s all he ever drinks. Not to mention Brendon himself who made that comment took a couple shots of the so called liquor that turned his stepdad into a devil.  

George pulled out the parking lot honking as they got on the highway 47.

Brendon said, “Are you hungry?”

“Kinda,” I answered.

“Let’s go I need to find an ATM on our way,”

“Are you ok?” I questioned still noticing the psychotic twinkle.

Brendon pulled his dark shaded sun glasses over his eyes, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

There was no point on saying anything else.

I proceeded to walk around him, to get to the driver side of my Honda and I should have known he wasn’t gonna have that- drunk or not. Brendon grabbed my hips pinning me against the car, waist grinding against mine, he nudged his head into my neck nibbling and groping my thighs and ass.

“They’re kids around,” I hissed into his ear liking the rawness of his touch.

He grunted and pulled away taking the keys with him.

“Let’s go,” was all he said revving up my engine and I couldn’t help but notice an off sound coming from my car.

I got into the passenger side and he pulled out the parking lot automatically pushing my poor 95 Accord to 100 km.

The speed limit was 80 km.

110, 120, 130 km and he keep going his lips pressed tightly together and even though I couldn’t see his eyes- I knew he was stewing with anger.

“What is wrong with you?” I said, “I told you he was drunk!”

A little too fast for my liking, he swerved my car into a small convenience store that jerked me and him forward.

Brendon took his glasses off and his light brown eyes that normally had green around the rim of his pupils pierced me deeply, “I wanna fuck Harry up!” and I believed him.

The green in his eye only show when he’s calm.

Most people when they say stuff like that, I brush it off- they’re just talking shit. However, like I keep stressing, the look in his eyes are deathly and I’m sure Harry noticed it too but he simply didn’t give a fuck.

He swung open the door and went to the back of the little store.

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m all into myself, ‘cause I’m not, however something is puzzling me about this whole situation; Harry had hit on me, told me that he wants to fuck me and called Brendon stupid for ignoring me for the past 45 minutes. And all Brendon is fuming about is that he was called stupid…

Do you understand my confusion?

Then again this whole thing Brendon and I have is just one big emotional rollercoaster. A ride I should have never gotten on.

Brendon appeared around the corner, zipping up his pants and he stumbled into the driver side.

I said, “I’m driving ok?”

He nodded and walked around to the passenger side.

“Which way are we going?” I questioned pulling out.

Brendon explained the directions and as I started to drive, I noticed his head bobbing to my right- he fell asleep. He tends to knock out quite easily when drunk. I pulled into a random drive way turning on my GPS, food can wait until we get back home and the bon fire doesn’t seem like a happening thing right about now.

The wind blew through my hair as I drove through the country side. All that was up north was huge houses, farm lands and beautiful scenery. The scenery I totally adored, the huge empty grass lands with all the hills, slopes and trees- I wish I had a camera. The sky above the land was astonishing it’s self, the clouds were all fluffy and magnificent. Not to mention the sun was setting and the colours that painted the sky was beautiful. I pulled over at the side of the road taking Brendon’s Phone and took a couple pictures. I know he’ll like this; he appreciates the beauty of nature.

Which is one of the many reasons why I fell for him.

I got back in the car admiring how serene he looks, peaceful, calm and not a worry in the world. I kissed his cheek and lightly brushed my hand over his head- massaging the back of his neck.  Unconsciously his head lifted slightly enjoying the light massage. I smiled faintly to myself, Brendon loves it when I do this and even in his sleep he knows my touch.

Once again I wondered if this man loves me- I can’t help but to think about it.  Brendon never actually says anything to that extent, however his actions speak louder than his words. I felt my chest tug knowing that I may never know his true feelings for me, knowing that the ball is in his court and knowing that I should have listened to my girl.

I should have never gotten involved.

The End

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