The Unspoken (Intro)Mature

Have you ever loved someone, cared very deeply about that person and the one who you love doesn't feel the same? Or maybe the lead you on with false hope for the future, maybe they've been hurt many times in the past and is afraid to let you in....


My cell rang, atleast through the thick mist of my mind I thought I heard the harmonious sound. I wasn’t thinking straight, everything around me seemed distant, faint and not really here. Once again I heard the familiar noise as I looked myself in the bathroom mirror wishing my situation were different.

I splashed my face with cold water, trying to grasp the concept of what exactly the two lines mean and as my brain registered once again that faint noise was my cell phone, I went to fetch it, not remembering where exactly I left it; so I followed the noise and still not understanding how this happened.

I mean I know how, but that can’t be possible, I’m not ready for this and he’s not ready for this.

The caller ID said Melissa my bestfriend, the tears I could now feel and I wanted to cry into her arms, have someone tell me my life wasn’t going to change, everything was going to be ok. However I know better, I’m not stupid.

“Are you watching CTV,” was the first thing that she said.

I answered unsure of the question, “no.”

“Turn it on right now,”

“Lisa what’s going on?” I questioned remote already in hand. Melissa was silent as Krystal Starry the blonde reporter was on and as I listened to her, the words she spoke collapsed into my world like an avalanche devouring everything in its path.

I held unto my stomach, I couldn’t breathe, my heart wrenched, and the phone fell from my grasp. I could hear Melissa through the receiver asking me if I was ok and trying to get some kind of response from me. No words were able to form and a wave of dizziness surrounded me, I stumbled backwards sitting on the edge of my bed as the tears escaped.

They were live at the scene and it was hectic. The knots in my stomach tightened as I watched in absolute disbelieve and the more Krystal Starry explained what they assumed happened- the more I felt sick. I got up racing for the bathroom- heading straight to the toilet.  

The End

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