The next night

I told no one about what happened that night. I am still convinced it was all just my mind playing tricks on me. It’s the only way I can cope with it, even though it happened a couple months ago. People already think I am crazy, I refuse to add fuel to that fire. I pass a home for those... well lets just say for those with imaginary friends, every single day on my way to school and though things have calmed down I have considered picking myself up an application. No 18 year old should be going through what I am. I still don’t know why I haven’t just grabbed all my stuff and left. Well that’s a lie. I do know one reason: I’m scared that if I leave instead of things returning to normal that they will start attacking my father. He has enough problems as it is without adding that into the mix. I’m still scared out of my mind. I’m still feeling an overwhelming sense of defeat and loneliness. I still can’t sleep at night.

That morning after the incident I left. I went walking around all day. I walked around my neighbour hood at least 25 times.  stopped counting after that and started walking in all side streets and trials until darkness came and my phone and long since died. I knew my dad would be worried if he came home and I wasn’t there and he could not call me. Eventually I did walk the familiar route to my home and stopped at the driveway. I stared at my house for a couple minutes. You would never tell what horrors where held inside by just looking at it. My house isn’t huge and fancy, its a small house, a little run down since no one is able to keep up with the amount of upkeep it needs. That and we like to start projects and never finish them, oh the joy of ADD. I slowly lifted my right foot and placed it in front of the left. then lifted my left and placed it in front of my right foot. I did this as slowly as humanly possible and still I reached the front door entirely too quickly. 

I opened the door and peered inside. My cat and dog were both waiting there to greet me. I stepped inside and kicked my shoes off and petted the for a minute then slowly walked up the stairs. My dog does this very cute and extremely annoying thing were he runs up a few steps and stops in front of you so you have to pet him and then runs up a couple more and does this again. He also will continue this throughout the house until you ignore him or get to your destination. I normally just pet him because he is too cute for me to ignore most of the time. Today was no exception to this routine. He did this all the way up the stairs and once at the top he noticed me turn to go down the hall and ran and sat at my bedroom door. Recently I got a new tv so the old one is sitting at the end of the hall. I never noticed its perfect reflection of the hallway before. I continued walking down the hall till i reached my dog and bent down to pet him. Unfortunatly my gaze went right to the tv. Behind me at the top of the stairs was a large figure. I looked out of the corner of my eye behind me and nothing was there.  looked back at the tv and saw it was now slowly walking towards me. I was frozen in fear. I heard the floor creaking as I watched it slowly get closer.  Honestly, I think I peed my pants a little bit. Closer and closer it crept and as it got closer I noticed how jerky it was. Head twitching, arms shaky, this dark, man-like figure took another step towards me. A few more steps and it would be directly behind me. I finally snapped out of the trance I was in and in one fluid movement I swooped my dog into my arms and opened my bedroom door. My cat came bolting in from the closet, where she likes to hide and jumped on my bed, spinning around so she faced the door hair raised ready to attack. I took one last look in the tv as I shut my door and saw it standing directly in front of my door. I slammed it shut and it rebounded a little as if someone stuck their foot in the door. Leaning on the door trying to close it the last couple inches, I noticed goosebumps forming all over my body as I screamed “Leave me alone!”. Chills ran up my spine and I remember thinking, “This is it. Now it has really come for me.” I am not sure how long this went on for but I was seconds away before giving up when through my tears I managed to choke out, “I’m sorry, please just leave me alone, I’m so sorry.” I slide to the floor the door still open a crack in defeat. I noticed the air get warmer and my door clicked quietly closed. 

The End

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