What happened that night

I didn’t bother re-reading what I wrote. I just hit publish and closed my laptop. I didn’t wan’t to dwell on what I had written. What was happening to me. I knew in my heart this was my doing. I knew I could somehow stop it, put an end to all the horrors for ever, but I didn’t know how. Thinking back what I choose to do that night was my worst decision yet. Worse than ever starting to write about what was happening. 

The knocking continued on for an hour with no change at all. Two or three knocks every minute  or two. It was how I kept time. One hundred and six knocks later it got louder. More obnoxious. More demanding. I knew it wanted me to come out. But now I also knew it was getting stronger, that or it was getting more pissed off. I stood up on shaky legs and took a few deep breaths. I was no longer going to be a prisoner in my own house. The net set of knocks came and went, then I turned the handle very slowly.  I gently opened the door an inch then another. Looking around to make sure it was safe. I took too long though but instead of knocking a few articles of clothing went whizzing by me. It was now or never. I flung the door open hard so it bashed against the wall.

“GO TO F*CKING HELL!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. BAM the door slammed in my face. I saw nothing but darkness.  I reached for the switch and flicked it on and off repeatedly but the bathroom remained dark. Goosebumps broke out all over my body as the room turning freezing cold. I was frozen in place, shivering, as fear invaded me. I didn’t know what to do. I had stood my ground and now I was the one in hell. A loud knock on the door echoed through the bathroom and I jumped around. The lights started flickering on and off like a slowed strobe light. 

The light went on and I caught my reflection in the mirror. 

Lights off.

The lights came on again and I noticed something very wrong with my face.

Lights off.

Lights on and I realized my nose was bleeding for the first time.

Lights off.

Lights on and I see the blood has run down my chin and is dripping onto my clothes and white tiles of the floor.

Light off. 

Lights on again and tears are streaming down my face as i run water splashed it on my face to wash the blood off. I see a dark figure standing behind me and then...

Lights off. I feel breathing on the back of my neck.

Lights on, nothing is there anymore but my sink and stained red and the blood is still pouring down my face. 

Lights off. 

Lights on and I walk to wards the window to open it. I pull the screen down on the window and turn the handle and push it wide open.

Lights off. I scream “Help over and over” 

Lights on and one of the 8 light bulbs shatter causing me to scream and bringing my hands to my face drawing my attention back to the blood. 

Lights off. 

Lights on, I’m in front of the sink again, still full of blood and I noticed my hands have no blood at all on them. 

Lights off. 

Lights on I look closer in the mirror at the blood but my vision is blurring, the light bulb above my shatters covering me with the dust and tiny pieces of glass. 

Lights off. 

Lights on and I am screaming as the reflection looking back at me has a mouth sewed closed and blackened out holes for eyes. Someone is defiantly standing behind me.

Lights off. And this time they stay off. I collapse to the floor. Im exhausted and physically and mentally drained. I cant even cry anymore. 

I roll over onto my back and quietly whisper, “if you are going to kill me, kill me already. You win.” 

I blacked out then and when I woke up it was morning.  The weird thing was there was no blood on me or the floor, or even in the sink and the bulbs were no longer broken. It was as if what ever happened, never happened at all. 

The End

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