I'm back

Hello everyone,

Firstly I’d like to apologize for how long I was gone. Things took a long time to quiet down and  I just started my classes again so though I planned for a couple weeks to start writing it kept slipping my mind. But I will be back to writing at least once a week if not more. 

Secondly, I think I found part of my problem. I need to accept this isn’t necessarily my home. Or even my fathers home. Or mine and my fathers home even. Its our home. Me, my father, and the spirits all live here. I need to understand that they were here before my family moved in and they will most likely be here when my family moves out. There might be something I can do about it, but I am doubtful nor do I want to do an exorcism on my house incase I don’t do it correctly and end up upsetting whatever is here.

Thirdly, I again think I know another part of the problem. Obviously I could be wrong with this entire thing but I am doubtful. In case you couldn’t tell from the story so far, I don’t think there is just one spirit, entity, ghost, whatever you would like to call them, in the house. And I don’t think all of them  are evil, or even bad. Most of my bad experiences have been caused by me trying to stop them. From egging them on, and I’m sure I moved something I shouldn’t have at some point, or I was just home at a bad time. See There are little things that would happen that never would scare me. For instance in the middle of the night I would stumble to the kitchen and fumble to find the light switch and when I couldn’t find it I would give up and start to feel my way to the kitchen. 80% of the time the light would just come on. Whenever this happened I would mumble ‘thank you’. I stopped doing this when I started writing for a couple reasons. I was writing about the bad stuff. This meant I was remembering all that has happened. This directly lead to me increasingly becoming scared. Paying more attention to the little things and letting it get to me. The light would come and I would jump and say ‘leave me alone.’ I became rude and in response the good stuff stopped happening so only the bad remained, even if it was little things. Since I took my break I did realize I only wrote bad stuff. I never once acknowledged any of the good stuff, even if it was minor. Purely  because stories about little good deeds by ghosts doesn’t sell. Me being tormented and scared and attacked does. 

Because of this I have decided to do something different. I will not stop talking about the bad stuff that has happened (believe me I haven’t even scratched the surface of horrible things yet) but in addition to my minimum weekly chapters, I will also once a week or two write a small little blurb on the little good things that has happened. After all there must be evil for there to be good. And vice versa. 

So again, I am back now and I will post in a day or two to tell you what ended up happening directly after I posted that last chapter. 

Hope you aren’t afraid of the dark. 

The End

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