As I said I am currently locked in my bathroom. And I think it’s actually kind of funny how I got here. Well not actually funny more of just stupidity on my part. It started when I got home late this evening. As usual I took my dog out (I got him a couple months ago) and when I got home I had my headphones in blasting music, again as usual. I unhooked him and sat on the landing of my stairs to take my boots off. Out of no where I felt a hard push on my back and I slide down the stairs. I turned around and my dog was sitting there with his head cocked to the side. “Snoopy! Don’t do that!” Lets get one thing straight. My dog weighs exactly 9 pounds. In no world could he have EVER hit me with such force to send me down a stair. Or make my back hurt. I took out my headphones and heard rustling in the basement. I have made it a habit of never looking in there no matter what I hear. I am too afraid of what I will find. I ignored it and continued taking off my rather annoyingly laced combat boots. Heavy footsteps started coming out of the basement and towards the foyer. I had one boot off and I ran up the stairs. I got to the top and pressed my body against the wall beside the stairs breathing heavily. ‘If they can’t see me,’ I thought, ‘then they wont pursue me.’ I was wrong. My dog went insane running up half the stairs than back down. He yelped then ran all the way up and into his dog house in the far end of the living room. The steps started up the stairs. I of course went right to the bathroom. The door was open and the closest to me. I shut and locked the door and decided to have a shower. Nothing ever happened to me when I had a bath or shower. I was in the shower for atleast half an hour. I dried off and got my pajamas on. I reached for the door and instantly was filled with an overwhelming sense of dread. A small electric shock filled me when the touched the handle. No, this was not the kind of shock you get from rubbing your feet on the carpet. This was a tingling sensation that radiated up my arm and into my body. This had happened before. And it has gotten so bad sometimes I can still feel it in my legs and arms. It isn’t very painful just very uncomfortable. I knew I couldn’t open the door that minute. I needed to take a breath. I started telling myself it’s only a step to your room. Open the door and just go. Again I reached for the handle. Weird thing was, it was cold as ice! I just had a steamy shower! No way this handle should be an ice cube. I turned it slowly and opened the door wide. Clothes littered the hall hanging on door knobs and off shelves in the closets and pictures. These clothes were previously down stairs in garbage bags to be taken to a donation bin tomorrow. The majority of the clothes though were stacked against my bedroom door and the bathroom door causing them to fall in. Laughter echoed through the house. It was an eerie, spine tingling, goosebumps making laughter. It was down right sinister. I had jumped in fear and slipped on the clothes hitting my head on the counter. Scrambling, I kicked the clothes back out into the hall and slammed the door shut. I refused to cry. I would not give it the satisfaction. a moment later I heard two knocks on the door. 

“GO AWAY!” I screamed over and over. 

The knocking is still going on. It comes every minute or two, in pairs sometimes threes. No one is home but me. I’m lucky I turned the heat on and have enough towels to make an okay bed for tonight. I have my laptop and my charger. I will be safe for tonight. But  I can’t keep writing and giving it power. I have haven’t been trapped in a room in a very long time. And the last time... well you know what happened. 

I plan to pick up sage oils and candles tomorrow. Things will get better soon. I just need to give it time to calm down. 

See you all soon.

The End

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