A Break

Hello everyone. First, I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read this. Second, It has come to my attention the readers, most of the time, think this is all what it seems to be; a story. This is not in fact true. Truth be told 95% of what I write is true. The only parts not true are those that I emphasize, but even at that it isn’t much of an exaggeration. For example I exaggerated on how many times the television turned on. There were a couple days it wouldn’t come on. That being said brings me to my third point. I need to take a break from writing this. 

Since I started everything has gone down hill. Most of what I have written so far are from months and months ago because of how much has happened I feel like I had to start from the very start so I am not constantly back tracking and mentioning briefly truly terrifying experiences. And for that reason I have not been able to catch up with current events. I am locked in my bathroom right now writing this. I am too scared to open the door. I will explain what happened tonight in the next chapter minutes after this is posted. From there I will be taking about a week off to help settle things down.

I’m so sorry to leave, even just for a week. 

The End

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