Feeding it

Thinking about it now it was the worst thing I could have done. It was worse than holding a sacrificial ritual and begging this self to show itself full force. Cause what I did was like openly locking myself in a room filled with a thousand blood thirsty lions and no way to get out. I set whatever my house on me. 

See I was a huge fan of ghost movies and paranormal television shows. Though I hated the thought of something being in my house I was highly entertained by the idea of ghosts and everything they could be capable of. Through this I learned of sage burnings, blessings, rituals, salt lines, devil traps, and so much more. I could almost write a detailed book on different ways to deal with different supernatural and most likely fictional beings. Putting most of these to action myself was a different story. I did however do a couple small things in hopes of making things better.

The first was I asked my dad to pick me up a sage based candle while he was in the city. Though he did not find one he did find sage essence oil. This I gladly accepted and was burning almost 24/7 in an old clay burner in the living room. When he asked me what it was for, seeing as he did not share my same fascination with these things, I told him I read somewhere that the aroma it creates can help relieve stress and help with migraines. Weather this is true or not, I have no idea. Doing that kind of research would put me to sleep in a second. I said this purely because he asked while we were in the house. I didn’t want to openly say out loud for anything to hear that it was supposed to help with ghosts. Though very little research has been done on the effects of burning sage based things such as oils and candles, it felt better than nothing and I did not have the guts to ask for dried sage and an eagle feather or to perform the ritual. 

The next thing I did was make a salt line. I made a rather thick line of salt across my door way in the opening that had been made when my room was switched from carpet to hardwood while the hallway hadn’t. It was a solid inch thick and a quarter inch bellow my actual floor. The best part my father would never see it unless my bedroom door was open, and it never was, so he would never be able to comment on it. I also made a salt line along my window frame. I considered just going around the entire room so nothing could come through the walls but thought that was a bit obsessive and the chance of it lasting an hour without breaking was minimum. And as it would later turn out would have been a waste of time and salt. 

Nothing happened the first night. The only thing I can actual recall that was even a hair different was I don’t remember ever actually falling asleep or waking up but that has happened to me a couple times before so I summed it up to me having too much on my mind. Which still could have been true, I just will never know. The second night my light turned off on its own. I do however have a remote for my ceiling fan and light and may have just hit it by mistake. The third night I walked into my room to find my blankets and pillows on the floor. I thought this was odd but knowing I was protected by the salt circle I thought I had done it that morning searching my bed for my headphones in a hurry. The fourth night I got zero sleep. I was so restless I could not help but to toss and turn. I felt watched. As if I would look over my shoulder and find death itself waiting to grab me. Everything felt off. I refused to leave my room though because if it felt this bad in my protected room how bad would it be in the hallway? The fifth night 6 paintings fell off my wall at different times. I thought it was weird they would fall off the well mounted hooks in the wall and found no reason for them to fall but ignored it. They fell off an hour after I put them back up and this time the glass shattered on 2 of them and cracked the other 4. The sixth night changed me. 

The End

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