When I was younger

As a little girl there were signs something was wrong. I don’t blame my parents for noticing it. I don’t think I ever noticed it was odd as a little girl, it only hit me as I got older. The reason I don’t blame my parents is so much more was going on in their lives. They divorced when I was 4 years old and throughout my life things between them were never good. The fighting started years before they got a divorce and they tried as long as possible to stay together despite no longer loving each other for the sake of me and my older brother. Through their divorce and my moms remarrying us kids (my step siblings as well) started to act out for attention. Because we always claimed widely random bizarre things no one took us seriously. I wish someone had noticed something with me though. Maybe we would have clued in allot earlier. Maybe we would have moved. Maybe we would have cleansed our home. But they didn’t. 

As I said there were signs of things wrong in our home mainly when I was young. People who study paranormal phenomenon have agreed that ‘spirits’ effect young children more than adults. I believe this happens for a few reasons. As a child you can claim outrageous things and no one will ever look into it. They see it as a ‘phase’ something you will grow out of and allot of the time that is the case. I don’t however believe this was the case anymore when it came to my imaginary friend. I had many friends growing up, mainly older due to my brother and my maturity level. Also because he played hockey I became friends with other girls who were dragged to 5am hockey practices as well. Either way me and my brother always had friends over so being lonely or ‘needing a friend’ was not a problem for me at that age. That didn’t stop me from having an imaginary friend who only lived in the basement. Since I was so little I don’t remember specifics on this person except for this; this friend was an older male, refused to leave the basement, and at would get frustrated with my stubbornness. There were many occasions I’d run to my parents saying I had gotten into a fight with this person and wouldn’t go into the basement, aka the kids room, for days. 

Another sign I am willing to admit may not have been paranormal it may have been my brother. As we got older my friend disappeared but when I was 8 years old me and my brother got hamsters .We each got one and our one cage for them and they both were placed in the basement. My brother quickly lost interest and I took on the role of caring for both of them. Unfortunately somehow my brothers died very fast, this greatly upset me but had little impact on my brother and he didn’t care. From there on mine constantly went missing even though there was no way for my hamster to get out. After the first ‘escape’ we made it next to impossible for my hamster to get out, the only way it could is if it figured out how to use a twist tie and bite through 2 of them, but this never happened.  We always found my hamster in a small hole maybe 3 inches wide that was beside out hot water tank in the basement. We would have to trick it out by putting a trial of food leading out and into the kids room where I would be able to grab it and put it back in its cage. This happened every other night normally. Very rarely we would get through a weekend without this happening. Again this may have been my brother. It would mean he would have to sneak out of bed at night and get down there and do this, which is not impossible, just tricky. 

I also noticed as I got older I hated the basement. It scared me to death. I never felt safe in there and constantly got anxiety about going down there. I found the television that we put down there would constantly turn on by itself. I remember on one occasion I was upstairs and I heard the television turn on so as usual I went down stairs to turn it off since I was the only one home. It was older television a huge box one like our old living room one and I hit the button to turn it off. I turned around to go back upstairs and it turned back on. I instantly was frightened but turned it back off. I took a step back and stared at it for a while to make sure it wouldn’t turn back on thinking the first time I hit the button twice and it delayed coming on as it sometimes does. After a minute I was convinced it was okay and just my fault and I turned around again to head upstairs. I took a couple steps and it turned on again. I didn’t stop and look at the television. I didn’t turn it back off. I just kept walking at my normal pace and went back upstairs. It stayed on until late at night when my dad came home and got very pissed off at me that I had wasted electricity like that and left it on. I didn’t care. I had told him before about the television coming on by itself and he simply said it was old and had some problems, it was nothing. I wasn’t convinced. It didn’t make sense a television would just turn itself on. It would make more sense for it to be completely broken and not turn on or refuse to turn off not just decided to turn itself on. Irregardless that television turned on every day without me or my dad touching it. You could turn it off as many times as you wanted and it normally would turn back on within the hour. 

Why wouldn’t my dad admit something was wrong? 

The End

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