Thank you

Up until this incident that happened approximately 8 months ago my father never believed me when I said ‘we are not alone’. As I said from the very start, he did grow up in a very haunted house. The things he encountered were much more...vocal. Everyone heard the footsteps, everyone heard the piano playing, everyone heard the echo of people talking but very rarely could make out the words. They also happened every other day at the minimum. In my case things don’t happen that are worth writing about every day, and not always are they worth mentioning to people who know how I feel about my home. I don’t need to write every time I sense being watched, or hear possible footsteps but could also just be my house expanding and retracting due to the temperature. So for my dad to easily believe there is something here when he himself is only home to sleep Monday to Saturday and is here Sunday but again sleeps during most of it, is quiet hard. He had never experienced anything substantial. 

Now what happened this summer night needs explaining. And I’d love to explain it to you. Only I can’t. I have to go off of what my dad has told me and my memory. Unfortunately I see no reason at all for what happened. It seems to be completely random. But I know it was purposefully meant for my dad. Why, I will never know.

It was early July and I had the evening shift at work. I won’t go into what I do for work or any detail about it, it is unimportant. What you do need to know is that I got off work at 10pm. And whenever I worked that late my father would come pick me up so that I didn’t have to walk half an hour through thick steep hills that are filled with bears and cougars. He didn’t say much to me when I got in the car. He asked the typical how was work, and I went off about how my dad was, and complained as always to him the entire 5 minute drive home. When we pulled into the driveway he said he was going to take the dog for a walk and he wanted me to come. This was unusual. I never went on walks with him and the dog. When I got home I always had a shower had a cup of tea and went to bed. I asked why and he told me he couldn’t talk about it now just to do as he says. My mind instantly went to he saw some indication to suggest our house was again broken into and they were still in the house. It made no sense why we would be going into the house if that was the case. All in all it just was very strange. 

Once we walked a couple blocks past our house I asked my dad what it was he wanted. Every night my dad turns on his very small 13in television and puts a timer on it for 30 minutes. Obviously this television is about 15 years old and the remote allowed you to turn it on and off, change the channel, volume and timer. He proceeded to tell me as usual he did this only this time he awoke at around I believe it was 4am. The television was on. On the screen read “Thank you - The hallway whisperer."

The End

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