Just a Side Note

Something I just want you all to keep in mind; this stuff may not seem heart racing, goose bump making to read about but put yourself in my shoes. There have been times I have been writing this and I freak myself out, not because what I’m writing or even how I’m writing is scaring me its remembering the incidents.

Let me put it into words you might be able understand, maybe not. I’m not trying to be rude or call you ‘dumb’ it’s simply a hard thing to grasp. I love novels for the fact they normally draw you in and make you feel like you are there, this however is obviously not a novel. I am simply telling you my story and even the littlest of things can be scary. It is scary because as I always say THIS IS MY HOME. I have no where else to go, and because there is no serious threat of danger it’s something me and my father see rather silly to move out over. Just try to imagine for a second you are coming home from work or school and someone says, ‘Someone is in your house. They are very well hidden so it is next to impossible unless you really put your heart into it and even then its dangerous because you are just pissing this person off more possibly. You may not be able to seem them but they most certainly can see you at all times. Here and there when you least expect it they are going to do something to mess with you. That can be them just making noise, or touching you, or moving things, or even turning taps on and off. You will never see them do this but they are always there. Waiting to strike.” I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t want to go home nor would I get a good night sleep with that in mind. 

The End

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