Unnerving spots

My hallway has always been a bit of an unnerving spot for me, as I previously said. Now again nothing major has happened here. It’s more of this overwhelming feeling and you know you cannot be alone. You get goosebumps no matter how hot it is in the house and I find I get a shiver in my spine. This happens every single time I go in the hallway, doesn’t matter how long I am there. I do have sort of actual proof to be worried of the hallway but that is very recent, so I will tell you later. 

Due to how my house was built it is nearly impossible not to have the hallway in your view unless you have your back to it, but that is still not very comfortable. That would be like turning your back to a wild beast and praying it just goes away. It doesn’t work. You can do things to distract yourself such as watch television or go on the stationary bike we have, but these have problems. For instance where the television is located whenever the screen goes black you have a perfect clear as day reflection of the hallway, all the way to the end of it. So every commercial break or cut to the next scene you get moments of a blank screen resulting in reminding you of a place you, I don’t want to say fear, but don’t particularly like. For this reason I prefer to go on the bicycle. Unfortunately again I do prefer to put a movie on while I work out to keep myself entertained and where the bike is your back is to the hallway and you have a clear view of the hallway since the television would be right in front of you. Though I don’t normally pay attention to the movie when I’m on the bike I still have my back to the hallway resulting in a never ending feeling of being watched. 

From the kitchen most the time you either have this clear view of the television to see the hallway, or you can see the first part of the hallway, or you are in line with the stairs. And trust me the stairs are not better. Remember how I told you of the eyes in the window? And the piano? Also Remember how there is that little window on the landing to the room? Well you can see that no matter what when you look down the stairs and if there is something in my basement I really don’t think it the little window would stop it, not to mention there are no doors down there either to prevent anything from getting through. I’m sure if something is down there it would have no problem standing on the stairs watching. Again this can just be my own fear manifesting itself, I have little proof of something being down there except the eyes and piano and my own gut feeling. Then again I’m not sure I can trust my gut feeling. My point is it is very hard- heck I’ll go so far as to say a hair away from impossible to find a place in my house where you are not constantly reminded of your fears or suspicions. It’s not like everything was confined to the attic and in a result you just don’t go in the attic. This is my entire house. 

Now you may also noticed I tend to say, 'if there is something’ and ‘it could be my own fear’ this is because, though I do believe in ghosts, I’d like to think there may not be something in my house. I believe if I start saying there defiantly is something and start pointing fingers and naming names and blaming everything on something that may be in my home then all I am doing is giving it power. I’m giving it attention. And I am also again just feeding my own fear so that I never feel safe. Fact is I do believe what my dad said, ‘if it was here to hurt you it would have already’ because I have lived in this house my entire life. I’m sure if some huge moment was going to happen like some scene from paranormal activity was going to happen it would have already. 

So to continue on topic of the majorly off places in my house, I covered the hallway for the most part, the stairs and the toy room. I covered why most of my upstairs is unnerving purely because you can’t escape other places in the house. Now I will tell you the only room in the entire house I ever thought I was even remotely safe. My fathers bedroom. As a child I even had weird feelings of the hallway and I tended to hide in my fathers room and watch television, since his room at the time was the only one with a television.  It felt like an invisible force field was created at my dads doorway and nothing could ever get through. His room always felt calm and relaxed. 

Unfortunately I am at an age where I no longer go in my dads room, nor do I want to. Based on what he told me my assumption of his room being untouchable was wrong. 

The End

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