My bedroom used to be my sanctuary. Everything about it screamed safe, warm, friendly. I always made sure to keep the windows open to let in fresh air and sunlight. And for the longest time I thought my room was untouchable. Though nothing has happened during the day, nor have I seen anything, nor do I have any solid proof of what happened. But I can remember two times now I was victimized in my sleep. What pisses me off the most about this is how totally helpless I was. 

The first one happened about 8 months ago. As most 16 year olds do when its warm, I was sleeping in either very little clothing or none. At this point it was just me and my father living in our home, and we had a strict rule that he is not to wake me up in the morning, I can get a little grumpy. Nothing happened that night to give me a sign something like this would happen. This ‘dream’ felt more like a being a little tired walking around on my own, tired and a little out of it making things a little slow but still very much real. I was laying in my bed, my back to the door, when I heard what sounded like my father saying my name repeatedly just outside my door. Though I was aware of this I was unable to respond, I tried but I could not get any words out. After a while what I thought was my father said, “Im coming in.” This started a panic, I was unable to move or speak but I wanted to scream no. As I said I wasn’t wearing many clothes if any and it would have been rather inappropriate for my father to wake me up, and my father hadn’t been in my room in months, he has never in 10 years come into my room to wake me up. My heart started racing and I was trying with all my might to move, grab my blanket around me, say anything, but I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move at all, not even open my eyes. Just then I felt  pressure on my back, like someone had placed their hand there, it wasn’t rough or hurtful, but defiantly there. Just as I felt this pressure I heard someone whisper-yell, “ADALINE!” right in my ear. At that moment I jolted upright and gasped. No one was there obviously. My dad wasn’t even home. The only thing different was I had forgotten to lock my bedroom door. 

The next happened within the month. No one said my name this time and the events are allot more hazy, though there were some similarities. After the last incident I made sure every night to lock my bedroom door. This was something I normally always did but I took extra care from then on out. Unfortunately this was forgotten one night. I was curled into pretty much a ball, again with my back to the door. I had fallen asleep with my laptop watching a movie. Though this one was more recent the events are as I said allot more hazy, so please bare with me. I don’t know exactly how it started but I felt something on my leg. Like someone trying to pull my leg(s) down. Once again I was paralyzed. I tried like crazy to kick my legs and shed this force but I couldn’t. This struggle went on much longer than I could stand but eventually the force touched my stomach and again I jolted upright. Again nothing was to be seen. There was no sign at all of anything I just experienced. No jumbled blankets, no marks on my legs, just my bedroom door unlocked.

 I am willing to accept these could have been just dreams. Actually I hope thats all they were. They just felt so real. Though I’m sure no harm was to come to me at all, and the force may have in some way trying to help me, for example the first time it happened I had to wake up early but had lots of difficult doing so. I’m actually leaning on this being helpful, as weird as that sounds. At least I hope it was.

The End

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