The Feeling

This has no distinctive start or end. It has always just been something you notice creep up on you. I don’t know if it ever goes away. I don’t even know when I become away of it each morning when I wake up. All I know is I can’t remember a day I haven’t been scared to look over my shoulder. 

Just a side note, feel free to skip over this, but scientist believe this is a sixth sense. I can remember my science teacher telling me about this experiment that was conducted where they would place people in a room and there would be a window behind them. Sometimes a person wold be looking through the window staring at the person and sometimes there wasn’t. The person, or the subject, would have to say weather or not they were being stared at. Now some people were purely guessing, and all their answers were random, or would admit to not having a clue. Others got it right every single time, thus scientists concluded some people have this sixth sense, the sense of being stared at.

I don’t personally think I have this sense. And maybe this feeling I get that someone is always watching me, is again fear. All I know is I can be in my kitchen in broad daylight and be scared to look in the direction of the stairs or hallway. The hallway is a major problem for me but we will discuss that later. Though nothing more than the floor creaking, which is typical for houses to groan and make noises, has ever happened in the kitchen it still makes me a bit nervous. It makes me nervous because I would be completely trapped in there. There are no solid doors into the kitchen just 2 door ways, one is normal door size and is located right in front of you when you get to the top of the stairs. The other is at the far end going into the living room but we have a sheet of plywood closing it off to try give my cat some peace from my dog, we have a baby gate blocking the living room off from the hallway. We have a patio door but it takes allot of effort to get open including 2 deadbolts that tend to stick and I have needed pliers to get open. If something were to happen, and something or someone came into the kitchen, I would be completely trapped. I would have no way out. So though nothing has happened in the kitchen, I still don’t like it, surrounded by every other area that has bothered me. 

This feeling is a weird thing to have. Funny thing, is it does come and go. Sometimes I’m very much aware of this over whelming feeling that someone is staring at me, or is standing right behind me. Normally this feeling comes when I am home alone. A few times I have looked over my shoulder, and to my relief and my disappointed I never see anything out of the sorts. I know I can look behind me every 5 seconds but nothing will ever be there. If there is something in my house I don’t think it is strong enough to show itself in full form and if it is I thank God it hasn’t. 

The End

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