The Little Things

Now since things started when I was little I only recall a few moments that really stuck in my mind as reasons to believe my home might have something inhabiting it. The first one that really sticks out in my head was shortly after we got our piano. 

**For this to all kinda make sense I need to tell you the basic layout of our home, I’m sure you could make out fine without it but I find it important that you have some idea about my home so you can put things in perspective. Our basement, or downstairs floor, at the time was a play place more or less for me and my brother. All our toys and my piano were confined to this very large room that pretty much took up the entire downstairs, the only other rooms down there was an average sized foyer (which is just bellow my bedroom), a small laundry room, a bathroom, and our garage that is located beneath two of the bedrooms(My dads room and my brothers room, which was my room for a couple years). The stairs are on the right side the second you walk in the door, there are 2 steps than a landing then the continues upstairs. When you stand on the landing there is a sort of window, or cut out, in the wall approximately 2 feet wide and a foot and a half high, complete with 4 fancy wooden bars.**

I was around 7 years old at the time and I had gone downstairs for something, what that was I cannot remember. While down there I needed to talk to my dad so I went and stood on the landing to yell upstairs to my dad, it was and still is a very common spot for us to stand and yell up from. In the middle of talking I heard what sounded like someone running their finger all the way up the piano keys. Screaming, I instantly ran upstairs to my father. Though to this day I am certain that is what I heard, my dad told me that he heard the neighbours car starting not the piano. Either way I ended up closing the lid on the piano keys and not touching it for a long while. 


The next two things may have logical explanations but I really can’t see any as much as I try, and I really have tried. I cannot remember what order these ones happened in but I’ll start with the one I believe happened first.

I was in the car with my dad returning from I believe grocery shopping. We came from, standing in our driveway with your back to the house, the left side. The left side of our house is the side with the the kids room and our front yard, complete with a 8 foot high hedge. We pulled into our driveway and I swear on my life I saw 2 glowing small circles in the window from the kids room. The glowing circles reminded me of eyes.  I told my dad right away and asked him to drive around the block a few times so that I could calm down and get the courage to walk into the house. My dad reassured me it was the reflection from the cars headlights and I bought it. The only problem with that explanation is it is next to impossible. The driveway lines up with the garage, and the window is on the far left side of the house (or right from the way we had pulled into the driveway). I really don’t see how the headlights would both hit the window in order to give off the look of glowing eyes staring out at me.

The next thing that happened I am willing to admit very well could have been me making things up with my imagination. My dad worked in the big city around an hour drive away from home. I stayed home alone on weekends and on weekdays I had a babysitter so that I could get to and from school. My dad would call me when he was on his way home and I’d try to guess when he would arrive and go run to look our our living room window to see if he was home when it was getting close to that time. I went to the bathroom and saw the time on my nictendo DS, around 7pm, and quickly washed my hands and ran out to see if he was home and in the reflection of the window I could see our kitchen table where I saw what looked like my dad sitting there and turn the page of his newspaper. I turned around and my dad wasn’t home. No longer wanting to be in the house, I ran outside and found my dad just started to turn into the driveway. Again I instantly told him what I saw and he brushed it off as me just seeing things. And I admit this is possible, it just seemed so very real, and I’m sure I could talk to a doctor or specialist and get an answer, but I don’t see how a young child could imagine something so odd like that.

The End

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