"George, George.  You were always the curious one.  You have adventure as a middle name.  You are as always the writer creator.  This allows me to show you at long last what it is that you are."

George found the whole idea silly and confusing.  A god a creator him; never had he taken that into a consideration as a possibility.  He was just a mousy guy with big ears and a forgettable face.  This was all to impossible. Things were gonna get much stranger before this conversation ended

George, the old man called his name and it lulled him back to the present...he had felt his mind start to wander and as he did, the world around him had started to grow from the walls, floor, ceiling.  Life for him was starting to become very weird and he was starting to feel like a fish out of water.

George, you are a creator and you are most valuable to all that you create.  As the designer you are YHWH, you are the writer and you are the "WORD" The old man stated this last with a reverent tone and he smiled.


The End

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